Tunisia..a protest stand in Sfax, and the labor union says that the country is in a suffocating crisis

Dozens of Tunisians organized a protest stand today, Friday, to denounce the accumulation of waste in the southern city of Sfax, while the Labor Union saw that Tunisia was experiencing a stifling economic and social crisis linked to political instability.

The vigil was held in front of the local headquarters of the tax administration in the governorate of Sfax, in southern Tunisia, to protest against the continuing crisis of waste accumulation in the city.

The protesters raised slogans calling for tax disobedience and non-payment of state tax dues, until a final solution is found to the city’s waste accumulation crisis that has been going on for nearly two months.

The protesters raised banners bearing the phrases, most notably “Save Sfax” and “Citizen’s health above all laws and constitutions” and other slogans.

moving speed

They also called on the official authorities to move quickly to save the city of Sfax, which was littered with waste and the breeding of insects, and is now threatened by the spread of epidemics.

In turn, Shahir Kammoun, coordinator of the “Yazi Ma Saketna” movement (enough of silence), told Anadolu Agency – we call on all Sfax residents to tax disobedience (not paying taxes) in protest of the violation of our lives.

Kammoun added: There is a potential health disaster due to the accumulation of waste and insects and the spread of unpleasant odors, in addition to the dangerous environmental repercussions.

The people of the city of Aqrab, in the state of Sfax, had rejected the government’s proposals to solve the crisis of the landfill, and expressed their adherence to the closure of the landfill immediately, and invited President Kais Saied to visit the city and engage in dialogue with the people.

Banner of the Tunisian General Labor Union (Al Jazeera)

crisis and solutions

This comes at a time when Hafeez Hafeez – the assistant secretary-general of the Tunisian General Labor Union (the largest trade union) – told the local radio “Shams FM” that Tunisia is in a stifling economic and social crisis, which are related to political instability, as he put it.

Hafeez added: We called for the need to establish a clear road map, stressing that it is the political aspect that will revive the economy and give hope to Tunisians.

The same spokesman described their meeting with Prime Minister Najla Boden as an “event” as it took place after 4 months of political vacuum.

Tunisian President Kais Saied announced, since last July 25, “exceptional measures” that included the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, the freezing of Parliament’s competencies, under which he headed the Public Prosecution and the Executive Authority with the assistance of a government whose president he later appointed, abolishing the constitutionality monitoring body of laws, and issuing legislation with presidential decrees.

While most of the political forces opposed Said’s measures and considered them a “coup” against the constitution, other parties supported them and considered them necessary in order to “dismantle the Triangle of Destruction, which was the main reason for sabotaging the revolution represented by corruption, terrorism and smuggling.”

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