Sunday, November 28

TV tips for the weekend

Hot Fuzz – Two deviated professionals

Action comedy, RTL 2, Saturday, 8.15 p.m.

It’s a shame that Simon Pegg is in the current Mission:Impossible-Series are only allowed to give the tech-savvy sidekick. He actually has star qualities, exemplarily staged by director Edgar Wright: whether as a sloppy shop seller among zombies in Shaun of the Dead (2004) or as the over-ambitious elite cop Nicholas Angel. He annoys his superiors so much that they transfer him from London to the country. Crime rate: zero. Then the deaths pile up. The plot is bursting with local color and cross-references, cinematic extremely dense fun, for which Pegg wrote the script with Wright. His interaction with partner Nick Frost is a real pleasure, and every gag fits as perfectly as the foam on a freshly tapped beer from the pub.

Inside Man

Thriller, RTL 2, Sunday, 8.15 p.m.

What today is long and broad in several seasons à la House of money would be rolled out, told Spike Lee in a psychologically exciting way in just two hours in 2006: the story of a bank robbery in which money is not the focus. Of course, this only becomes apparent gradually, and it is a pleasure to watch the protagonists puzzle: What does the man in the safe (Clive Owen) really want? Above all, Denzel Washington as Detective Frazier wants to bring light into the darkness that Lee creates with relish with temporal fades and scenarios of deception. His film is also a commentary on racism by presenting an ethnically diverse, snotty likeness of New York society. In addition to an ice-cold Jodie Foster, the venerable Christopher Plummer, who died at the beginning of the year, makes an impression as a bank director with a dark past.

Out of Sight

Crime comedy, ZDF Neo, Saturday, 8.15 p.m.

A man and a woman are lying together in the trunk and talking about films. So far, so special. But that’s not all: He (George Clooney) is a bank robber, she (Jennifer Lopez) his hostage – and a policewoman. The attraction between the two cannot be denied, and Steven Soderbergh turns it into an irresistible couple dance. Until 1998, not many had dared to play so casually with flashbacks and flashbacks. Under Soderbergh’s direction, George Clooney has developed the type of smart gentleman gangster who looks for risk with a smile and doesn’t burn his fingers. Jennifer Lopez is tough and delicate at the same time, vacillating between feelings and principles. Sharon Stone, on the other hand, just takes what she wants in Basic Instinct, the classic of the erotic thriller (ZDF Neo, Saturday, 10:05 p.m.).

The window to the courtyard

Thriller, NDR, Saturday, 9:55 p.m.

You could watch James Stewart movies all weekend without ever getting bored. Western, drama, comedy, psychological thriller – he played everything believably, always with the right human emotion on his face. Precisely because Stewart was considered the average guy, a perfidious ghost like Alfred Hitchcock had devoured him. He cast the audience favorite four times between 1948 and 1958 in timelessly gripping, plausible roles. One of them is that of the photographer Jeffries, who is sitting at the window with a leg in plaster, indulging in his voyeurism and observing a murder in the house across the street. Or not? As is well known, Hitchcock was familiar with Suspense. No less exciting: The jackal, a thriller with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere (RTL 2, Monday night, 0.35 a.m.).

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