US advertisers rely on optimizing their programmatic media supplies

As part of the study “Perfecting Your Supply Path: The Expansion of SPO in Programmatic”, 200 US brands and agencies were asked about the challenges in programmatic advertising and the activation of strategies for supply path optimization Percent of advertisers already invest more than half of their budget in programmatic advertising. For 80 percent, programmatic purchasing accounts for a third or more of their spending. Video advertising comes first, especially in mobile and social environments. New formats such as CTV and digital audio, on the other hand, show that there is still room for growth.

A lack of transparency in programmatic advertising is identified as problematic by 42 percent of those surveyed. In addition, almost half see ad fraud and brand safety as a challenge. To minimize concerns about transparency, many respondents turned to strategies for optimizing the delivery routes for their campaigns.

60 percent of advertisers already use SPO strategies to maximize the efficiency of their campaigns. 95 percent of them will increase their SPO efforts in the future by working with external consultants or technologies to review delivery routes. In general, greater coordination between media buyers is necessary in order to be able to fully exploit the advantages of supply path optimization.

“Our new study shows a clear shift towards qualitative supply path optimization. Rather than just focusing on low-cost advertising inventory in programmatic environments, advertisers are targeting SPO strategies to leverage high-quality media inventory backed by efficient investments, ”said Tony Marlow, CMO of IAS, on the results of the study.


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