Why “Elle” and “Madame” have the same cover picture

Probably only once in the entire history of mankind has a girl in persil white tulle leaned on tiptoe to the lipstick mouth of the model mother in the evening dress, shortly before kissing, and this unique moment was photographed by the photographer Victor Demarchelier. The picture that is now being argued about shows a family happiness that is completely free of stains, chaos and men, and it is currently decorating the front pages of two women’s magazines. And that is where the harmony ends.

In the December issue of She, which Burda-Verlag brought to the kiosk on November 10th, is, you guessed it, about the “Festival of Love! Fairy-tale looks, decoration ideas and everything for a wonderfully relaxed time”. In the Madame, published by the Looping-Group seven days later, a little closer to life about “Mothers & Daughters, Stories of Love, Conflict and Reconciliation”. With love and reconciliation, that won’t work for now, the looping group has filed a lawsuit. Publishing director Dominik Wichmann says: “We bought the exclusive rights to the picture for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they are valid until mid-December.” He feared that the twin gig would be selling his Madame harms. Above all, he wanted to clarify the legal situation with the lawsuit, after all, one does not pay insignificant amounts for exclusive rights.

Perhaps the twin appearance at the kiosk even benefits both magazines?

Burda also owns it, according to its own information. “Any allegations are baseless. She reserves the right to take legal action, “said a Burda announcement in defense of the Christmas title. The photo was specially made for them She has been produced on the Spanish February issue of She it was seen on the cover before, title: “Un legado de amor”, a legacy of love.

The German She appears in association with a total of 45 She– Issues in different countries that constantly exchange productions with each other. Elle International grants the rights and permissions to publish cover art for specific issues. And there, too, they put on the record belligerently: The rights are clearly with the German SheAnyone who spreads false information must expect legal consequences.

In the Madame According to the Looping Group, they knew that the picture might already be familiar to Spanish women’s newspaper readers with good memories, but they accepted that.

Both publishers now state that they have been in contact with the photographer and the picture agency. The photographer Demarchelier himself, who lives in New York, did not want to comment on the anger about his picture upon request. A court will now clarify where the error was. But what does that mean for the readers?

Cover dispute with Elle and Madame: "A legacy of love", a legacy of love: The February issue of Spanish Elle.

“Un legado de amor”, a legacy of love: The February issue of Spanish Elle.

(Photo: Burda Verlag)

Well, the anger on both sides is understandable. Because apart from the questions of finance and justice: who wants to show up on the red carpet involuntarily in a partner look? On the other hand, and maybe it will turn into a celebration of love: Those are the moments that women’s magazines and their readers love so much.


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