American website: The UAE is profiting from Israeli war crimes

Under the title “The UAE is profiting from Israeli war crimes”, the American “Mondoweiss” website has published article In it, he reviewed the growing relations between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, and the opening of the UAE markets for Israeli products, including wines manufactured from the occupied West Bank settlements, noting that this contributes to undermining the rights of the Palestinian people.

In the article written by the pro-Palestinian rights activist Marion Kawas, the website referred to the strengthening of cooperation between the UAE and Israel as a result of the normalization agreement concluded between them in mid-September 2020.

Activists in Vancouver, who were part of the boycott of Israel campaign, were quoted as saying that the UAE has become a market for alcohol produced in factories in Israeli settlements.

The author of the article cited examples of the high pace of cooperation between the two sides, noting that DP World submitted bids to build ports in Haifa, and the Israeli company Elbit Systems – which produces armed drones and surveillance technologies – opened a branch in the UAE.

She also referred to statements by an official in the Ministry of Finance, that the volume of economic cooperation between Israel and the UAE could rise from $2 billion to $6.5 billion.

The writer considered that allowing this cooperation to grow more means that there are no barriers to trade, and that this also means that Israel’s violations of international law that prevents the exploitation of an occupied people is of no concern to the UAE, as well as the bloody and stained history of the Israeli military industry against the Palestinian people.

Marion Kawas cited statements by the head of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, in which he said that importing goods manufactured in the occupied West Bank settlements supports the Palestinian economy, considering this to be rude on the part of the Emirati official.

It also considered that legitimizing Israel’s theft of Arab lands is still largely business as usual for the Emirates.

The author of the article concluded that profiting from war crimes and Israeli apartheid is a moral error, and is aiding and abetting the looting of Palestinian property and resources.

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