Chinese border guards attack Philippine ships.. Washington accuses Beijing of threatening regional stability

Yesterday, Friday, the United States accused China of escalating and threatening stability, after Chinese border guards attacked Philippine ships, while Beijing says it acted legally to protect its sovereignty.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that his country stands with its ally the Philippines in the face of this escalation that threatens regional peace and stability, and that Washington may respond if the matter is repeated.

Price added that the Chinese move leads to an escalation of regional tension and violates freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

Last Tuesday, the Philippines accused the Chinese border guards of targeting supply boats on their way to the Philippine Navy.

For his part, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman announced that his country acted legally to protect its sovereignty, and said that the Philippine ships entered the region without approval.

On the other hand, Chinese and Russian strategic bombers carried out joint patrols over Japan and the East China Sea, and Moscow said that these missions come to support the two countries’ capabilities to maintain global strategic stability.

This escalation in the East China Sea brings to the fore a growing crisis between the Pacific and Indian Oceans between the United States and China, where interests and spheres of influence are intertwined.

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