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City Hawk can be ambulance and air taxi

The Israeli company Urban Aeronautics has developed an unusual aircraft. It is perfectly tailored for urban use because it has a compact shape without wings. The device simply parks vertically from the air, there is no need for a runway or an emergency corridor – and no space for the protruding propeller. A small whiz kid that is suitable as a flying ambulance and air taxi.

The City Hawk / Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video (see below)

City Hawk is a fan craft with 2 integrated probers

The Israeli organization Hatzloha Air has already ordered four City Hawks for rescue operations: This makes it the first customer to use the vehicle. The propellers of the little plane are integrated into the body, one in front of the passenger compartment and the other behind. Such aircraft are called “fan power”. The City Hawk is only a little wider than a normal car, so it fits in almost any space – and on many high-rise roofs that could serve as a landing pad. Hatzloha Air and Aeronautics are now working together to advance production and marketing and to take air rescue to a new level.

A flight with the City Hawk


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The interior of the plane is bigger than expected

Although the plane looks small from the outside, it still has 20 to 30 percent more space than a regular helicopter. In addition to the pilot, a patient, an attendant and two paramedics can fly with them. In addition, a complete medical package for life-sustaining measures, i.e. everything you need for a rescue flight. Series maturity still takes a few years; so far, only individual models have rolled off the production line. While the makers are working on it, the application for a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the federal aviation authority of the USA, is also pending. Soon nothing stands in the way of private use either. Basically, the City Hawk has everything that the luxury-spoiled city dweller needs to get around: Or not?


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