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Fully autonomous car planned for 2025?

Apple is not exactly known for its vehicle technology – but for always coming up with new ideas and refining existing products. The iPod is an example of this lively innovation, it mercilessly beat the competition. The Apple Watch is considered a showpiece on the smartwatch market, why shouldn’t it be the same with an Apple Car?

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The decision for the Apple Car was made in 2014

The plan to bring an Apple car to market isn’t new. As early as 2014, the group decided to consider this coup, but so far it did not look like a real implementation. Allegedly Apple has now activated its successful software developer Kevin Lynch to initiate the project. Lynch was also the driving force behind the Apple Watch, basically the guarantee of success for the premium watch. When it comes to automobile production, the man is still completely unsullied, but what is not can still be. Experts from Tesla and BMW, whom Apple quickly won over, should be there. Daimler, Volvo and General Motors are ready to work together, according to Bloombergs. With an expert team at his side, the software and watch specialist could once again run up to top form.

Until everything comes to light, patience is required

The processors for the fully autonomous car come from their own forge, after all, Apple specializes in highly complex software. Since the company has always focused on minimalism, it could be that there is no steering wheel in the new car, but an innovative user interface that redefines driving. The company is targeting 2025 as the reveal date, but there will be test drives before that, along with more information about the project. According to Bloomberg, Apple currently has 69 Lexus SUVs that may already be equipped with software for autonomous driving. As always, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and it takes patience until it comes to light.


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