The daughter of two immigrants from Bangladesh.. Shahna Hanif, the first elected Muslim woman in the history of the New York City Council

Activist Shahna Hanif won a seat in the New York City Council, after winning 89% of the votes in the district in which she ran, becoming the first Muslim woman in the history of the New York City Council.

After her formal inauguration next January, Shahna will also become the first woman to be elected in her constituency.

After declaring her election victory, Hanif tweeted, “Born and raised in Brooklyn. I’m the daughter of Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, a lupus survivor, and an activist. I am humbled to be the first Muslim woman elected to New York City Council and the first woman to represent my district. We did it. “.

This victory comes days after the results of the Hamtramck elections in Michigan were announced, which resulted in Muslim candidates winning all seats. city ​​council and mayor, To be the first city ruled by Muslims.

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