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To enjoy the best viewing at home.. Tips for the best home cinema devices and technologies

The user can now enjoy the cinematic atmosphere at home, by acquiring a TV that has a large screen, high definition, and many connection ports, while paying attention to the appropriate sound equipment.

Roland Seibet – from the German specialized “Video” magazine, pointed out that the user who wants to enjoy the cinematic atmosphere in the living room cannot in any way save on the size of the TV screen, and taking into account the viewing distance and the contents to be watched, he must Choose the largest screen possible.

Whether the contents will be streamed over the Internet or Blu-ray discs, movies in Ultra-HD or 4K can be viewed at a closer distance than Full HD TVs, but only if they support The TV is 4K technology.

And Herbert Bisges – from the specialized German technology portal “Hi-Fi.D”, advised: “4K resolution or UHD screens has become a standard equipment, and a lower resolution should not be chosen.” This means that the TV It can display 3840 pixels in width.

It is noted that large screen TVs with Full HD technology are no longer a good investment for the future, in addition to the fact that high contrast technology “HDR” (HDR) has become a standard equipment in most TV models, however there is in fact no A guarantee of display quality on high-contrast TVs.

Roland Seibet explained, “While the number of pixels is clearly defined, the quality range of HDR may extend from poor grade to very luxurious, due to the lack of clear instructions.”

The presence of the word “HDR” on the TV simply means that the TV can process the signals according to this technology, and then the differences appear clearly in the display of colors, brightness and black levels, and the brightness can range according to the device between 300 to 5 thousand cd/m2, Black tones on inferior devices are not covered well, and color contrast appears weaker.

OLED TVs provide the best picture today due to its superior clarity, best contrast values ​​and black tones (pixels).


On the other hand, the question about appropriate display technologies can be answered more clearly. “OLED TVs provide the best picture today, as the images are extremely clear, with the best contrast values ​​and blacks,” Besges noted.

Although LCD TVs currently offer the highest brightness values, the overall picture quality is not comparable to OLED TVs.

Bisges added, “QLED TVs provide a good level of quality, as it is based here on the development of LCD technology with the use of an advanced light source that ensures better color display.”

audio equipment

When wanting to enjoy the cinematic atmosphere in the living rooms, one should pay close attention to the sound equipment.

“As TVs get thinner, it becomes more difficult to integrate bass or standard speakers so that the sound resonates forward,” Zaibet explained, although luxury TVs can deliver impressive performance through digital signal processing. Enjoying the true cinematic atmosphere is only achieved through crystal clear sound.

“The mid-range soundbar clearly sounds better than a TV adapter, and the additional wireless sub-woofer is a great solution for cinema and living rooms,” added Seibet. The perfect cinematic feeling is only complete with a full surround sound system.

connection ports

And when wanting to buy a new TV, the user should take into account the connection ports so that he has all the options for expansion in the future. “HDMI technology has recently been upgraded to version 2.1, which provides more frequency range, and is particularly important in gaming applications and playing 8K media content,” Besges added.

Although the HDMI port is not a standard equipment yet, it is considered a good investment for the future, and in general, the TV should have at least 4 HDMI ports to provide ports to power external devices.

And if the user wants to enjoy a true cinematic experience in the living room, they should not rely on the default picture settings of the new TV. “Many TVs now include a Filmmaker mode, in which the image is aligned to cinema specifications, and this mode can be clearly seen in the color settings,” Seibet added.

Viewing distance

With regard to the correct viewing distance with UHD TVs, it is twice the height of the screen, which does not mean the diagonal distance, and the height of the 65-inch screen is usually about 80 cm, so the viewing distance is about 1.6 meters.

When acquiring an OLED TV, it must be taken into account not to unplug the device from the power supply, except in cases of thunderstorms or long periods of absence from home. Besges explained, “OLED TVs have the ability to maintain themselves in order to extend the life of the organic LEDs or preserve the screen.”

It is also important to leave the TV in stand-by mode after turning it off, to prevent the appearance of burn-in effects or what is known as permanent picture errors, such as the contents of the program or the TV station logo that appears in the same position.

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