US Defense Secretary affirms Washington’s commitment to security in the Middle East and warns Iran

Today, Saturday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed that there is no military solution to the conflicts in the Middle East, stressing that his country is committed to security in the region.

Austin sought to reassure allies in the Middle East that the administration of President Joe Biden was committed to the security of the region even though Washington was turning its attention increasingly toward confronting China.

“Let’s be clear: America’s commitment to security in the Middle East is strong and assured,” Austin said – in a speech he delivered in Bahrain during a trip to the Gulf.

He added that there is a need for more multilateral and integrated operations in the region with allies.

Relationship with Iran

He said the United States was committed to confronting Iran, even as Washington worked to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

“We remain committed to a diplomatic outcome on the nuclear issue,” Austin said. “But if Iran is not willing to engage seriously, we will consider all options necessary to maintain the security of the United States.”

He stressed that Washington would return to “nuclear negotiations in good faith, but Iran’s recent actions were not encouraging,” and urged Tehran to take steps to reduce violence and conflict in the region.

Austin pledged to defend the friends and interests of the United States, highlighting that “Iran is delusional if it thinks it is capable of undermining our relations in the region.”

The US official also pledged to help allies “defend their airspace from all Houthi threats.”

Regarding the Afghan issue, Austin said that it is difficult to predict the future of the relationship with the Afghan government, and stated that his country is focusing on evacuating the nationals from there.

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