Watch .. a fire near the Opera Square in the center of the French capital, Paris

A huge fire broke out in a building near the Opera Square (Place de Opera) in the center of the French capital, Paris, today, Saturday, and resulted in the rise of clouds of smoke, while the cause is not yet known.

Eyewitnesses broadcast on social media platforms in France, scenes and video clips of smoke and fire rising from the heart of a building adjacent to the French Opera House in the capital, Paris.

For its part, the Paris Fire Brigade issued a statement warning citizens, urging them to evacuate the surrounding area until the firefighting teams finish their work.

According to the French newspaper Le Point, the fire broke out this morning at 10:30 Paris time (09:30 GMT).

The newspaper pointed out that the fire was brought under control around midday, and that the damaged offices were empty when the accident occurred.

For its part, the newspaper “Le Figaro” said that no deaths or injuries were recorded as a result of the fire, and indicated that the police cut off car traffic in the vicinity of the accident, and called on residents to avoid traffic from the area, while the Opera metro station was closed.

Source : French press + Reuters + Sanad Agency

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