Behind the scenes of an argument Klopp and Arteta in the face of Liverpool and Arsenal .. A video of an incident that almost developed into a conflict

An unsportsmanlike altercation in the first half between German coach Jurgen Klopp and his Arsenal counterpart, Michael Arteta, ignited the enthusiasm of fans and players at “Anfield” – yesterday, Saturday – before the London team fell 4-0 in the English Premier League (Premier League).

After half an hour of calm, a joint ball in the air between Liverpool striker Sadio Mane and Arsenal defender Takehiro Tomiasu angered the visiting Spaniard, who usually controls his emotions.

This angered the enthusiastic Klopp – often – as he advanced angrily towards Arteta and the fourth referee came between them.

The two men raised their hands and shouted at each other, while members of the technical staff from the two teams intervened to separate them. The two continued to shout at each other after referee Michael Oliver issued a yellow card for each.

Klopp said he was angered by the targeting of those on the bench at Arsenal to Mane (Reuters)

This incident raised the noise levels at the crowded Anfield stadium and seemed to motivate Liverpool, which raised its level and went on to score 4 goals without a response to defeat Arsenal for the sixth time in a row at its home in the league.

Klopp said he was angered by Arsenal’s targeting of Mane, and likened it to Atletico Madrid’s treatment of the Senegalese striker from Liverpool in the Champions League this month.

The German coach added, “It was not a foul at all from Sadio, but on the Arsenal bench it was almost like a red card.. There was nothing, he didn’t even touch it. There were two players competing for a ball in the air, and then they jumped. On the Arsenal bench, it wasn’t good, that’s what I said.”

“I’m really tired of that, everyone is trying to target Sadio at these moments,” he said. “It’s not true.”

Part of the hottest football

But Klopp admitted that he let his passion overcome him, explaining that “the referee did really well in this situation and I deserved the yellow card, no problem at all.. You can’t act like that, it happened that way at the moment. I am very emotional.” Off the lines, but it didn’t happen often that I got into an argument outside the field.”

In turn, Arteta emphasized that such incidents are part of the heat of football.

“He was trying to defend his team, I was trying to defend my team, that’s it,” the Spanish coach continued, adding that there was nothing else to say and “it doesn’t matter” what he thought of Mane at the time.

“I congratulated him (Klopp) on the match. For me, it’s all there. It’s part of the heat of the game and the way we like to compete, and that’s it.”

Arteta said that Arsenal – who is ranked fifth – fought well in the first half when the London team was more cohesive and scored a goal that was canceled by the referee, but he lost control completely in the second half when Liverpool added 3 goals to his goal in the first half.

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