Sunday, November 28

Iraq proposes forming a joint economic bloc with Turkey and Iran

Yesterday, Saturday, the Iraqi Ministry of Trade said that it had submitted a proposal to Turkey to form an economic bloc that also includes Iran, to be an economic power similar to blocs located around the world.

And the spokesman for the ministry, Muhammad Hanoun, said – in statements reported by the Iraqi News Agency “INA” – that “the Iraqi delegation submitted, during the Iraqi-Turkish Business Forum for Investment and Contracting, a proposal to form a regional economic bloc that includes Iraq, Turkey and Iran, to become a force for the region that allows it to compete with economic gatherings around the world.” .

Yesterday, Friday, the city of Istanbul hosted – under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Trade – the Turkish-Iraqi Business Forum for Investment and Contracting.

Hannoun added that the Iraqi delegation presented investment opportunities in the fields of agriculture and health, and requested that Iraqi banks be allowed to open branches in Turkey, and stressed the importance of the entry of Turkish companies to invest in Iraq.

He pointed out that the trade exchange between Iraq and Turkey reached $21 billion annually in the last year, which is the second country in terms of exports to Iraq after China, revealing that a request was submitted to open two new ports with Turkey to facilitate the process of exchanging goods and trade.

Hanoun revealed that the Iraqi delegation stressed the need to provide facilities to Iraqi investors in Turkey and to allow entry of sick cases for a maximum period of 48 hours, and pointed out that the Turkish side promised the Iraqi delegation goodness regarding 10 important points, especially facilitating the procedures for granting entry visas to Iraqis.

During the opening of the forum, the day before yesterday, Friday, Iraqi Trade Minister Alaa Ahmed Hassan Obaid said that he met his Turkish counterpart, Muhammed Muş, and they agreed to facilitate the granting of visas to businessmen for a period of up to 5 years, provided that this procedure will be expanded to a wider segment in the future.

Obaid expressed his hope to sign partnerships and agreements with the Turkish side, noting that the peoples of the two countries belong to the same geographical area, and Turkey’s experience in the economic field is a model for Iraq.

Turkey and Iraq are two neighboring countries, and they have close relations on various levels, especially trade and economics.

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