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Monica Bellucci .. a star who was not affected by the curse of beauty

Nearing her fifties, Monica Bellucci stands on stage reminiscent of the world’s most famous soprano, Maria Callas.

Italian star Monica Bellucci will meet with the Turkish audience on December 14 and 15 to present the monodrama “Maria Callas”.

Monica took the stage for the first time in her life last September at the Aerodeon theater in Athens with this show.

Despite her stardom, which resulted from 30 years of work in cinema and fashion shows, the tension that appeared on her features caught the eye, but she quickly gained control and erected herself as Venus, the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology, in her transparent black dress at night in the Greek capital.

And I began reading the letters of the Greek opera legend Maria Callas, which Callas wrote herself and had not been published before, and amounted to 350 letters, compiled by the author and director of the French theater show Tom Wolfe over a period of 12 years.

Various roles

Monica felt that she was reading about that child who decided to collect the expenses of studying law, she knocked on the doors of fashion shows, and soon her star shined and she moved to Milan, to begin her career that varied between fashion and movie roles, and here he is taking a new theatrical path, Monica then felt that that journey was It deserves to be played without the slightest hesitation.

Despite that, there was pain that was revived by those emotional bumps and struggles that she stumbled into throughout her journey. And here is Maria Callas, bringing her back to her with all her momentum and sorrows. Monica recalled her most important and prominent struggle. That beauty that opened the door to lights and fame for her is the same stubborn opponent under which film and media makers put her as a purely female symbol without the slightest attention to the actress.

The theater could only accommodate 450 spectators, and although the movie star was used to huge numbers in films and shows, she felt overwhelming ecstasy, and felt the majesty of that art. She regretted a little because she did not present plays, but the looks of fascination in the eyes of the audience caught her attention.

The first letters referred her to the struggling girl who was the only one of her parents, who was born on September 30, 1964 in a small town. The money needed for school expenses, so she found the opportunity to work in modeling and moved to Milan.

Monica realized that there was a parallel relationship between her and her roles in the cinema. The similarity between the fates of the heroines who performed their roles and her personal fate almost indicated that she was the author of those roles, but the films seemed to be a shadow of a life full of artistic successes and personal sorrows.

Monica’s character strength and ability to choose appeared from the first moment of her work in the cinema (Reuters)

Perhaps her role in the movie “Malena” in 2000 was an early prophecy of her destiny in her artistic work and personal life together, as she was imprisoned in the role of a beautiful female and women felt her danger and her husband betrayed her, which is what happened with “Malina” who was living in a small town in Sicily when she broke out World War II, so her husband left her to participate in the war, and the women of the town felt danger and plotted against her, and the husband died, and she fell in love with an Italian officer who betrayed her and absolved her, and she left the town for another

Monica first studied acting in 1989, and then provided some roles in Italian films such as “La Riffa” in 1991, and “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” in 1992.

beauty battle

Monica’s character and ability to choose appeared from the first moment of her work in the cinema, and her choices came as an acceptance of the challenge imposed by the harsh and fierce criticism atmosphere, so her acceptance of the role of Mary Magdalene in the movie “The Passion of the Christ” in 2004 was surprising, but the surprise She came in the same performance, which received great critical praise, especially the scene of her confrontation with the crucifixion of Christ. She asserts that the scene of the crucifixion of Christ in Mel Gibson’s famous movie “The Passion of the Christ” is testimony to Monica that her battle with her beauty was not completely resolved against her as an actress.

The Italian star tends to keep secrets about her private life, as many of her secrets were not available to the media except when she wanted. She married the first time in 1992 and then divorced in 1996, and then she met the French actor Vincent Cassel while filming the movie “The Apartment.” In 1996, a love story arose between them, which culminated in marriage in 2000, and they had two children, Diva and Leonie, and in 2013 she announced that she had divorced.

The movie “The Apartment” is the beginning of the real rise in Monica Bellucci’s career, as she was nominated for the French “César” Award for Best Supporting Actress, and its events revolve around the young “Max” who abandons his girlfriend to catch a job opportunity in New York, but then returns to Paris and meets another girl And as soon as he proposes to her, the coincidence brings him together with his old love, and the feelings return to burning again.

The number of Monica Bellucci’s works is 81 between a TV series and a movie, and the Italian star speaks 4 languages: Italian, French, English and Spanish, and her most important stations in American films were her participation in two films from the “Matrix” series, and in a movie from the James Bond series in 2015 is “Spectre”. “.

Monica Bellucci is approaching the brink of her sixties, as she stands on stage to present the memories of the world’s most famous soprano, Maria Callas. “Happiness is not about what I look like but how I feel, and I feel happy thanks to my family,” she says in a state of complete satisfaction to the press.

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