The hottest controversy in America .. When can you finally quit wearing the muzzle?

One of the fiercest political debates in the United States in the past two years revolved around masks, as American officials delayed adopting this “piece of cloth” as a strategy to slow the spread of the Corona virus, and when they finally did, this turned normal health procedure to cause political tension; Recalling that the lives of Americans were not normal at all.

The newspaper reported – in a report Her – that now that the high incidence of the Delta mutation that last summer has passed and school-age children have begun to be vaccinated, many Americans are beginning to wonder when the mandatory wearing of masks will end.

Government officials have already – the newspaper adds – begun drawing up a plan for an “endgame”, as Mayor Muriel Bowser announced – last Tuesday – that the requirements for wearing masks in closed spaces will be relaxed, and the next day Florida lawmakers approved a bill that prevents the authorization of their wearing. in schools, a decision that several American provinces preceded them.

And a spokesman for Eric Adams – the elected mayor of New York City – announced that the latter “wants to rescind the mandate to wear masks in schools when health officials decide that this decision is the safe option,” but experts stress that this is not the time yet.

Ann Remoen, an epidemiologist at the University of California, said, “Cases are starting to rise again and we have not yet overcome this virus. We may be tired of Covid-19 restrictions and public health measures, but the adventure of this virus with us is certainly not over yet.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends that even fully vaccinated people wear masks in enclosed public spaces, where the transmission of the virus is “significant or high”, which is something that 85% of counties currently adhere to. According to a scale of 50 new cases of infection per week per 100,000 residents.

American public health experts stress that easing the mandatory wearing of masks will be a safer decision at the beginning of next year, after more children are fully vaccinated and after the holiday season, and their voluntary wearing will remain useful in some circumstances and in the cold and flu seasons in the future.

Experts also stress – the newspaper adds – that easing the mandatory wearing of masks should be a local decision based on a complex set of factors, including local transmission and vaccination rates, and the susceptibility of the population.

“If there is an outbreak in a particular area or population, I think it would be very logical for people within that community to wear masks even if things are somewhat under control at the national level,” says Richard Stott, an infectious disease expert at the University of Cambridge.

Experts also go to the fact that the issue of wearing a muzzle is not a matter that is taken or left all, as even after canceling the mandates, it would be logical for some people – such as the elderly or those who suffer from weak immunity – to continue to wear it in some places and contexts, as they should The general public is always prepared for the possibility of returning to wearing it in the event of new outbreaks of the epidemic.

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