Watch .. Fathi Noreen to Al Jazeera Net: I retired after confirming my suspension because of Israel, and I will defend the Palestinian cause

Algerian judo champion Fathi Norine announced his retirement from playing for good, against the background of the Olympic Committee’s decision to ban him for 10 years after his withdrawal in front of an Israeli player at the last Tokyo Olympics.

“I decided to retire from the game after the appeal was rejected, and my sentence for 10 years remains the same,” Noreen said in a video statement to the Al-Jazeera Monitoring and Verification Agency.

He added, “I know that international federations have always colluded with Zionist terrorism, especially the International Judo Federation, and perhaps the best evidence is that my punishment remains the same even after filing an appeal.”

He explained, “Now I am in my city, and I went to training and supervised the training of a sports club in Algeria, and God willing, I will be able to give my experiences to the younger generations.”

Noreen stands in solidarity with the Palestinian cause

Noreen confirmed that he did not regret the decision to withdraw from the Olympic Games. He said, “I do not regret it. On the contrary, I am proud of this and this punishment, and I will take advantage of any opportunity that comes to me to reveal facts about the Zionist entity and defend the Palestinian cause in any way, God willing.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “I renew my thanks to all the loyal supporters in the world, since the decision to withdraw in front of the player of the Zionist entity in Tokyo until now.”

Tweeters on the communication platforms expressed their sympathy with the player after the decision to retire, noting that he is considered to have a historical position in the Tokyo 2020 competitions.

The writer Younes Jaadi said in a tweet to him on his Twitter account, “The hero, the chivalrous, who raised our flag high, the holder of the golden and historical position, the supporter of the weak, and the enemy of tyrants and villains, the Algerian wrestler (Fathi Noureen) announces his final retirement…”.

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