Sunday, November 28

Activated at Fritzbox: Telekom service Easy Support

That makes Easy Support. What many Fritzbox users do not know: Easy support can also be activated on their router – namely if you have set up Telekom Internet access in the Fritzbox automatically using the wizard.

If you select the entry “Telekom” from the drop-down list for “Internet provider”, the corresponding option is already activated: “RECOMMENDED: Automatic setup of Internet access, telephony and other EasySupport services …”. The Fritzbox then fetches the corresponding access data from the Telekom server, you do not have to enter them manually. Whether the Fritzbox supports Easy Support depends on the model and the Fritz OS version (see table below). This service gives Telekom certain information about your Fritzbox, such as the model, MAC address and installed firmware version. If you do not want to use Easy-Support, you must set up Internet access by manually entering your access data.