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An Emirati candidate accused of torture seeks its presidency… Warnings of authoritarian regimes taking control of Interpol on the eve of its elections

The Intercept said:the InterceptThe American said that the upcoming elections for the International Police Organization “Interpol” raise concerns about its exposure to the control of dictatorial regimes.

The website’s report indicated that an official at the UAE Ministry of Interior accused of overseeing torture is seeking the presidency of Interpol, while a Chinese official is trying to obtain membership in its executive committee, in the elections that will take place during the annual meeting of the international organization in Istanbul, which starts today Tuesday and continues until November 25.

The report indicated that several human rights organizations organized a campaign to prevent the election of Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, a prominent official in the UAE Ministry of Interior and responsible for managing security forces and prisons, the candidate for the presidency of “Interpol”, as well as preventing the election of the Chinese official nominated for membership in the organization.

Interpol – headquartered in Lyon, France and includes 194 countries – has faced many criticisms in the past for being subject to politicization, given the poor record of the governments of some of its member states in the field of human rights and the prosecution of political opponents.

growing criticism

The Intercept report highlighted that despite the organization’s affirmation of its commitment to political neutrality and the fact that its system obliges it to work in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it has been subjected to increasing criticism in recent years due to the exploitation of its system by some dictatorial countries around the world, especially the so-called “red notices” issued by the organization to warn Member states on wanted criminals, which some states have come to use to target activists and political opponents.

The website said that the voices calling for the organization’s commitment to transparency about the protection mechanisms pursued by the organization and warning of violating its regulations increased with the approach of the organization’s annual conference.

Observers warn that the lack of transparency and the lack of criteria regarding who is entitled to run for the presidency of Interpol indicate the existence of deeper problems within the organization.

The Intercept website quoted human rights activist Bruno Mein, who leads a campaign for Interpol reform at the human rights organization Fair Trials, saying that “the problem is not that the INTERPOL chief may be one of the countries most violating human rights, but that the operation ( electoral process) is entirely ambiguous.”

The observers of the International Police Organization have called for the protection of its system from abuse, in light of the large increase in arrest warrants and red notices it issued, which contradict its human rights obligations, according to the website’s report.

Some also called on the member states of Interpol to prevent it from becoming a tool in the hands of tyrants and to prevent candidates from dictatorial countries from reaching important positions in the organization.

And 19 human rights organizations warned against the election of the Emirati Major General Al Raisi to head the International Police, and recalled in a joint letter the UAE’s poor human rights record, including systematic torture and ill-treatment in state prisons.

It also warned that his election would damage Interpol’s reputation and run counter to the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the mission entrusted to the organization.

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