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Are snoopers bothering you on your phone?.. Learn about the best app lock programs for iPhone and Android phones

Smartphones are no longer just a means of entertainment or luxury, but have become one of the most basic necessities in our daily lives. They contain a huge amount of information and personal and sensitive data that require securing them from prying eyes, and this will only be by downloading the best application lock programs (AppLock) for iPhone And Android.

These programs will make you do not hesitate any time you want to give your phone to your friend when he needs it to make a phone call or to hear a song or for any other reason, and this is because you will be sure that he will not be able to access your applications and personal data such as Facebook or WhatsApp and he will not see your conversations, as it provides App lock program has many ways to lock with a password, fingerprint or code.

App lock software for iPhone

1- Locker

Through this application, you will be able to fully secure all the data that you do not want to share with others and you can lock any application and secure all types of data on your phone by means of a PIN or a fingerprint.

2- BioLockdown

It was released by Ryan Brech and this app is very different from other apps, because it provides you the feature of app lock and folder lock in iPhone.

It also allows to make keys, applications and settings. With its help, you can use the fingerprint ID for applications, keys and settings, and the interface of this application has become so easy that everyone can use it comfortably.

“Bio Look Down” enables you to use the fingerprint ID for applications, keys and settings, and the interface of this application has become very easy (social networking sites)

3- Fingerprint Login and Password

It is one of the best app locks to protect iPhone data and you can also use the fingerprint sensor, in addition to the password so that you don’t have to enter it frequently. You can use this app on iPhone and iPad, but you will need iOS 12.0 (iOS 12.0) or later. The application supports 16 languages ​​other than English.

App lock software for Android

As for the application lock program that works on the Android system, there are many good programs, but the best and most famous are them.

1. Apex Launcher with password

This program not only contains the feature of locking applications, but also the feature of hiding applications from the application drawer, which is a great feature in the event that you do not want intruders to tamper with your applications without having to lock them, regardless of its basic features that help you customize your phone wonderfully and change icons And show or hide the status bar, but it gives you the advantage of locking applications for a large number of different of the most important and prominent social networking applications, led by Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery application, messages, Instagram, Messenger and many others.

But the best of all is that you can rely on it even in order to hide some photos or videos that you do not want to appear in the gallery, so in a nutshell, you will not need any other application to lock your applications if you decide to rely on Apex Launcher, the only downside is You may encounter some problems during the process of restoring backups from the settings and customizations that you have set in previous times, but it is an individual issue that is expected to be addressed in new updates to the application.

The only downside to Apex Launcher is that you may encounter some problems during the process of restoring backups (networking sites)

2- Norton App Lock

Norton is a huge and well-known name in the world of antivirus and protection of devices and operating systems from malware and malicious software, but if you do not believe in antivirus applications, then at least you need the application “Norton App Lock” to lock your applications for free and without being harmed by dealing with any ads Annoying, there are great features in this application that help you to secure your phone in a great way, for example, you can choose between setting a password to lock the applications or you can choose to secure them through your fingerprint.

In addition, you can hide photos and you can also restrict access to the feature of being able to uninstall applications from the phone, meaning that no one will be able to uninstall an application on your phone even if it is by mistake, and the other exceptional feature is that it takes a picture of intruders when their failed attempts While apps open without your knowledge of course it’s a great feature – and for married people in particular – but it can be useful in many other cases because you will know who is trying to snoop on you and what exactly they were trying to find out.

3. Applock by DoMobile Lab

This is one of the best app lock software for Android, the app is simple and easy to use but it has a lot of great features, of course you will be able to lock the apps you want with a password but what is even better is that you can lock different apps individually and set different individual passwords For each application, and of course it is an exceptional feature that is not available in most application lock programs, because even if an intruder knows the password of a particular application, he will not be able to open the other application unless he knows the other password.

The only downside is that this version does not allow the ability to lock apps with a fingerprint, and unfortunately you need to type the password every time you try to open closed apps.

But on the positive side, you can still hide images and app icons from the app drawer and create a hidden folder to keep important data inside, and on top of all that you can set different fake icons for any app in order to provide some kind of cover or extra protection.

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