Sunday, November 28

Confrontations intensify in Ma’rib Governorate, and warnings of their fall into the hands of the Houthis

The Yemeni army said that it repelled Houthi militia attacks on sites in the southern Marib governorate, amid warnings that the fall of the governorate to the Houthis would change the course of the war.

Military sources confirmed that the army and tribesmen also repelled a violent attack launched by the Houthis on the “Dhanna” area.

The Houthis escalated their military operations to control the city of Marib last February, amid reports indicating that its fall into their hands would change the course of the war.

The media center of the Yemeni army announced that coalition warplanes launched raids on Houthi gatherings, which resulted in heavy losses in lives and equipment. There was no comment from the Houthis on the ongoing battles in Marib.

Yesterday, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak expressed his confidence that the strategic city of Marib (the last stronghold of the internationally recognized government in the north of the country) will remain under its control, pointing to “progress” made by the army.

Bin Mubarak warned that “the fall of Ma’rib will not only create a horrific humanitarian situation, but will also mark the end of the political and peace process in Yemen and the efforts being made to restore security and stability.”

Experts believe that the loss of the city will be a major blow to the government, and it is likely that it will facilitate the expansion of the Houthis to other governorates, as it will strengthen their position in any future peace negotiations.

And this morning, Monday, Saudi official media reported that the Saudi-led coalition forces announced that they had detected indications of an imminent danger threatening global navigation and trade in the southern Red Sea.

The reports added that the coalition monitored the movements and hostile activity of the Yemeni Houthi forces using booby-trapped boats, and said that it was taking measures to neutralize the maritime threat and ensure freedom of navigation. The reports gave no further details.

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