Doubleverify scores with new business in video inventory

The video and CTV specialist Tremor International is now using “Authentic Brand Suitability” to increase the performance of advertising campaigns on all devices, including CTV. Tremor offers an end-to-end technology platform that includes the Tremor Video DSP and the Unruly SSP. Advertisers can use it to reach relevant target groups and publishers can maximize the return on their digital advertising inventory. The new solution from Doubleverify enables the advertisers of Tremor Video and Unruly to use the pre-bid targeting solution to create a centralized overview of brand safety, brand suitability and fraud controls and this automatically across campaigns and devices – including desktop, mobile web, mobile app and CTV.

“To get better results for advertisers, whether on CTV, desktop or mobile video, it is important to ensure that inventory is optimized according to the marketer’s specific suitability needs,” said Steven Woolway, EVP of Business Development at Doubleverify. “Authentic Brand Suitability helps to achieve this goal. DV’s expanded integration with Tremor International underscores our commitment to helping advertisers ensure their brand value is protected no matter where and how they purchase digital media. “

With their expanded partnership, Innovid and Doubleverify aim to provide advertisers with an automated way to maximize video investments across all screens, including CTV. The partnership between the platform for the delivery and measurement of advertising in CTV and Doubleverify, which began in 2014, aims to save advertisers unnecessary manual work when checking and optimizing their media quality on all screens. The new, expanded integration builds on this original concept and is intended to reduce the risk of manual errors and delayed starts in desktop, mobile and now also CTV.

“As consumers continue to flock to CTV and advertisers’ budgets continue to follow, it is increasingly important for brands to be confident that they are getting the most value from their investment,” said Dale Older, CPO at Innovid. “This expanded partnership further enhances our CTV platform and offers customers added value and efficiency. The integration gives brands and agencies the peace of mind they have strong, seamless protection for their omnichannel initiatives, including CTV. ”

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