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German paediatricians require immediate vaccination

Covid-19 pandemic

Robert Klatt

The professional association of paediatricians e. V. calls for the introduction of a general compulsory Covid 19 vaccination in Germany. According to the scientists, the fact that this violates the right to physical integrity is acceptable given the current situation.

Cologne, Germany). According to the RTL / ntv trend barometer, a narrow majority (53%) of the population in Germany is in favor of a general vaccination requirement to protect against Covid-19. Now that too is demanding Professional association of paediatricians e. V. (BVKJ), the advocacy group for paediatricians in Germany, the immediate introduction of mandatory vaccination for adults so that children are not the victims of those who refuse to be vaccinated.

“Children and adolescents have made the greatest sacrifices since the beginning of the pandemic, although they are less occupied in intensive care units and often do not even have to receive medical care when they are infected with the corona virus. By contrast, they suffered more than other sections of the population under the lockdown measures. Many have developed psychosocial disorders, obesity, gambling addiction and learning backlog, ”explains BVKJ President Dr. Thomas Fischbach.

Right to physical integrity

A compulsory vaccination would formally restrict the right to physical integrity, but according to Fischbach this is acceptable because otherwise the basic rights of other people would be restricted. “Children’s rights must not be weighed against the rights of a minority of citizens, but must be guaranteed unconditionally and imperatively by the state,” says the resolution. “Our children in particular have more than deserved a return to normal because of the immense restrictions imposed on them in the pandemic,” says Fischbach.

15 million new infections from unvaccinated people

In Germany, around 15 million people have currently not been vaccinated to protect themselves against Covid-19. This waiver means up to 15 million more infections and an increase in deaths to well over 100,000 in the coming months. According to the doctors, this alone is sufficient for the state to have to introduce compulsory vaccinations.

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