Inflatable neuroprosthesis is revolutionizing the prosthesis market

Researcher developed a inflatable prosthetic arm. she is cheaper and easier than conventional prostheses. Also, amputees have with her more control about their movements.

USA & China developed a new type of prosthesis

Researcher of the Shanghai Jiao Tong Universität and des Provided that developed a inflatable neuroprosthesis. The neuroprosthesis is intended for people who have had an arm amputated.

The inflatable prosthesis consists of the Elastometer EcoFlex and only weighs 250 grams – much less than other prosthetic arms. With a price of 500 Dollar she is also cheaper than conventional neuroprostheses.

What is behind the inflatable prosthesis

the five balloon fingers have several Chambers with Reinforcements, the human Fingergelenken to come close. the Inner surface from the 3D printer is based on the model of the human inner surface.

In contrast to conventional neuroprostheses, which operate each finger with an electric motor, the robot hand has one pneumatisches System. That blows the Finger and bends it into the desired position.

Patients wear this pneumatic system, what about a pump as well as several Valves disposes to the Hips. The way it is worn is what makes the neuroprosthesis easier than comparable prostheses.

Of the Stump receives that pneumatic system electrical signals and realize what handle it’s supposed to run. The amputee thinks about a Faust to make and the neuroprosthesis leads this then the end.

The team also developed a innovative computer program, that independently the Air pressure for the imaginary grip calculated. So far the program differentiates between five handles. These include: One Faust do and clench two fingers.

Patients feel more again

Another progress is that amputees with this neuroprosthesis perceive more than without a prosthesis. Pressure sensors, that sit on each finger enable the perception of pressure.

These sensors initiate proportional electrical signal to the patient’s arm stump. Sensors am Stump enable that Patient for example too differentiate, whether the neuroprosthesis is pressing the thumb and index finger or the thumb and ring finger together.

outlook into the future

That WITH announced the Prosthetic technology as Patent to register. The prosthesis is primarily intended for low income families. In the future it is conceivable to apply the technique to other types of prostheses.

Those: WITH

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