Iraq recounts the votes of 21 new polling stations, and the Al-Fateh coalition expects to cancel 18% of the results

The Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq announced that the judiciary reversed 21 decisions of the Board of Commissioners, and canceled the results of a number of polling stations.

She explained that 15 of these decisions were overturned for procedural reasons, which obliged the Electoral Commission to re-count and manually count the contested stations. She said that she accepted the appeal against 6 decisions for legal and technical reasons, which resulted in the cancellation of the results of some polling stations.

A statement by the commission said, “The Board of Commissioners was presented with the latest developments in the electoral process, after considering all the 1,436 appeals sent to the electoral judiciary.”

He added that “the latest decisions issued by the commission included 1,415 decisions dismissing the candidates’ appeals, reversing 21 decisions of the Board of Commissioners, 15 decisions for procedural reasons, which resulted in obligating the commission to re-count and manually sort the contested stations, and the remaining 6 decisions were accepted for appeal for legal and technical reasons that led to As a result, the results of some polling stations were cancelled.

A member of the Commission’s media team, Imad Jamil Mohsen, explained that all decisions on appeals were sent from the judiciary to the Commission, and there is no specific date for announcing the final results.

He revealed that the commission will work within days to reopen electoral centers and recount their votes in accordance with a decision by the judiciary, and that the date for the end of their counting is determined by the same process.

Al-Amiri expects to cancel the results of 10 thousand polling stations (Reuters)

Conquest and results

In the context of the election results, the Al-Fateh Alliance expected a significant change in the results, with the results of 18% of the polling stations being canceled based on evidence.

This came in a statement by Hadi al-Amiri, the head of the coalition, during his meeting with the head of the Turkmen Front, Hassan Turhan, in Baghdad on Sunday, according to a statement by the Fatah Alliance.

The Al-Fateh Alliance (which includes armed factions involved in the Popular Mobilization) suffered a big loss in the recent parliamentary elections, according to the announced preliminary results, as it won 16 seats out of 329 seats in Parliament, compared to 48 seats in the 2018 elections.

Al-Amiri said that the judicial authority’s decisions to invalidate some polling stations that did not close on time will lead to the invalidation of more than 6,000 polling stations.

He added, “Nearly 4,000 stations were canceled due to the presence of repeated fingerprints, and this means that in sum, 10,000 stations will have their results canceled, which constitutes 18% of the total stations in Iraq, which number 55,000.”

He explained that these figures are impressive, and would make a difference and radically in the election results.

And last Friday, forces opposed to the election results announced that they had obtained 8 new seats, after manually recounting the poll results.

Since last month, Iraq has been experiencing political tensions, with Shiite forces – including armed factions – rejecting the preliminary results of the elections, as they say they are fabricated and threaten to escalate, demanding that all results be manually recounted.

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