Pedri, Barcelona player, wins the “Golden Boy” award. The biggest difference between the first and second in the award’s history

The Spanish player Pedri of Barcelona won the 19th edition of the “Golden Boy” award presented by the Italian newspaper “Tuttsport”, and this annual award is given to the best talent in Europe under the age of 21.

Forty journalists voted for this year’s award, of whom 26 chose Pedri in first place, 9 others nominated him for second place, and only 3 put him in third place.

In other words, only two journalists who voted did not rank him in the top three.

Pedri scored 318 points, 199 points ahead of the second-placed American, Judd Bellingham (Dortmund player), and this big difference between the first and second places did not occur in the history of the award (2004).

In a video message, the player said, “I thank (Totosport) for this award, which made me proud, as well as all the members of the jury and the fans who have always supported me, the year 2021 was wonderful.”

“I also thank Barcelona, ​​the Spanish national team, my family, my friends and everyone who has been close to me day after day. Without them, I would not have been able to win the Golden Boy award.”

The German Jamal Musila of Bayern Munich came third, the German Florian Wirtz of Bayer Leverkusen came fourth, and the Spanish player Javi of Barcelona ranked fifth.

Pedri will receive the award at a ceremony in Turin, Italy, on the 13th of next month. Norway’s Erling Haaland was the last player to win the award in 2020.

Barcelona issued a special statement to congratulate the young player, saying that “Pedre was unstoppable in the race to become the golden boy.”

“Match after match, Pedri was developing at an extraordinary rate, despite the injuries he sustained. He played more than anyone else in Barcelona in 2020-2021, and he was exceptional.”

He added, “He took absolutely no time to adapt to football at the highest level, and played 52 competitive matches that year. If the international match counts, Pedri played 73 matches, including the European Championship 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics, where he won the silver medal, which means That’s because he’s played more matches than anyone else in the big leagues in Europe.”

He concluded, “It is not only about the quantity, but also about the quality. Fantastic passing, great dribbling, excellent positioning, magical passes, quick decisions, goals and defensive work, this player has it all.”

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