Sunday, November 28

Rolls-Royce electric aircraft breaks three world records

Robert Klatt

Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Innovation has set three world records for electric aircraft. In the future, the technology will be used to build electric passenger aircraft.

Westhampnett (England). Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Innovation electric aircraft completed its first taxiing tests in March 2021. In September, the first 15-minute test flights were carried out over the test site at Boscombe Down in southern England. Now the plane has been loud Rolls-Royce broken three world records for electric aircraft.

This includes the speed of 555.9 km / h over a distance of three kilometers and the speed of 532.1 km / h over a distance of 15 kilometers as well as an ascent to an altitude of 3,000 m in 202 seconds. This is around a minute faster than the previous record holder. In addition, the Spirit of Innovation achieved a new speed record for electric aircraft with 622 km / h.

400 kW power

The aircraft’s propulsion system consists of three electric motors from the British-German manufacturer Yasa, which together provide an output of 400 kW. A battery with 6,000 cells is on board for power supply.

Reduction of emissions

Half of the project was funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute and the UK government. The aim is to develop new technologies for fully electric passenger aircraft. In program Flightpath 2050 The European Union (EU) demands that in the coming years air traffic must reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent, nitrogen oxide pollution by 90 percent and noise reduction by 75 percent. In addition to Rolls-Royce, the European aviation group Airbus is also working on electric aircraft. The group aims to develop market-ready hydrogen aircraft by 2035.

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