Sunday, November 28

Ronaldo and the coaches sacked… the story of a 4-year-old curse

Is Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo jinxing the coaches who supervise him? A question that has become posed in the corridors of global football and circulated among the pioneers of social networking sites.

In the last 4 years after his departure from Real Madrid, “Don” moved to Juventus in 2018, and left in the summer of 2021, after which he moved to Manchester United.

During this period, 4 coaches who coached the two teams and supervised Ronaldo were sacked:

During his three years at Juve, the Italians Massimiliano Allegri were sacked in 2019, followed by Maurizio Sarri in 2020 and Andrea Pirlo in 2021.

As for the knockout blow, it was for his colleague Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, before returning to “Germany”, Solskjaer was achieving positive results and led his team to occupy second place in the Premier League table, but since Ronaldo moved – although he scored decisive goals in fatal times and gave his team important points – the level of The team is suffering locally and continentally, ending up sacking Solskjaer a few days ago.

And Michael Carrick, another colleague of Ronaldo in his first period with Man United, will receive the reins of the “Red Devils” in the upcoming matches, so will his fate be sacked, as happened with the other four coaches?

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