Alexandria is drowning.. Anger and widespread ridicule on the communication sites

Cairo- The interactions of the pioneers of social networking sites with the heavy rains facing the Egyptian city of Alexandria (north), which led to the sinking of parts of it and damage to private and public properties, are still expanding between anger and ridicule, and the circulation of photos and videos of the effects of these rains.

The crisis is exacerbated by the continued flooding of rainwater in the coastal city for 4 days in a row, which led to the flooding of streets and ground floors in some homes, as well as paralyzing traffic in some of the main streets, due to blockage of sewage sewers and their inability to absorb rainwater.

And many neighborhoods in the center, east and west of the second largest Egyptian city, turned into ponds and swamps, which completely obstructed traffic, and kept cars stuck in streets and tunnels, due to the accumulation of water caused by heavy rains.

The circle of anger widened this year, as it was not limited to opponents of the authority, but also included a section of regime supporters, as well-known media professionals expressed their support for the regime and its institutions, expressing their anger at the city’s sinking crisis that recurs every year, without finding a solution to prevent it. Governmental what happened in Alexandria cover cash unusual.

A number of activists poured out their anger on local officials in Alexandria, led by its governor, Mohamed al-Sharif, a former police officer with the rank of major general. An attempt to justify the shortcomings in the face of the crisis.

Many activists also denounced the governor’s statement that the quantities of rainwater were all drained within 3 hours thanks to the preparations that took place during the past three months, in light of the continuation of the dire reality facing the city, and the succession of documented photos and videos that prove that the reality on the ground is different from what is stated in Governor’s statements.

humanitarian attitudes

At the same time, many of the respondents were keen to attach their critical and sarcastic comments, with pictures and videos of scenes showing the extensive damage caused to citizens between houses whose ground floors had sunk, in addition to the flooding of vegetable and fruit markets, as well as scenes of traffic stoppage.

Other clips also contained paradoxes that elicited ridicule and denunciation of the officials’ handling and interaction with the situation, as well as clips that carried various humanitarian situations, including a woman’s drift with rain water and citizens helping her, as well as the distribution of rain protection umbrellas to cleaners by a citizen.

Some Alexandria youth also organized a campaign to distribute umbrellas to cleaners and security men.

While others sarcastically recalled the regime’s arrest in previous years of a number of opponents and accusing them of forming an organization to block sewers with the aim of embarrassing the regime, wondering if these “Brothers” had been released from prisons to play the ball again.

On November 7, 2015, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced that it had arrested 17 people it described as a “terrorist cell” and accused them of committing “sabotage acts” in Alexandria, including the Balaa dam, which caused the city to sink at the time.

Others questioned whether British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s prediction had begun to come true when he warned during his participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference a few days ago about the impact of climate change on several cities, including Alexandria.

Activists chose another angle to comment on what happened in Alexandria, where they wondered whether the current governor, who belongs to the security establishment, would push to resign, as happened with the former city governor, Hani El-Mesiri, in 2015, due to the inability to solve the rainwater drainage crisis at the time, who stated At that time, the city suffers from poor infrastructure.

Source : Egyptian media + The island + Social Media

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