Corona .. Global Health warns of the death of 700,000 in Europe and the Netherlands, transporting the injured to German hospitals

The World Health Organization has warned that 700,000 new deaths from the Corona virus “Covid-19” may be recorded in Europe by spring, while severe pressure on hospitals in the Netherlands has prompted the transfer of Corona patients to German hospitals.

The global health warning comes at a time when several countries recorded unprecedentedly high infection rates, and imposed complete or partial closures.

The organization said it expects high or very severe pressure in intensive care units in about 50 countries between now and March 1, 2022.

And the World Health Organization expected that the total number of deaths recorded in Europe will exceed 2 million and 200 thousand by the spring of next year.

In a previous statement, the organization’s regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, said that we are “extremely concerned” about the spread of the Corona virus on the continent, as it faces a new wave of infection.

Kluge stressed that implementing measures such as wearing face masks can immediately help.

The health official explained that there were several factors behind the spread of the epidemic, including the entry of the winter season, the inadequacy of the vaccine, and the regional spread of the most transmissible delta mutate.

The Netherlands transports the injured to Germany

In the Netherlands, the mounting pressure due to the increase in the number of people infected with the Corona virus prompted Dutch hospitals to transfer Corona patients to German hospitals.

The first ambulance left Rotterdam on Tuesday morning, and the first patient will be taken to the BJ University Hospital in Bochum, a spokeswoman for the transporters said.

The increase in cases of Corona virus in the Netherlands has caused the postponement of necessary medical operations in many cases, even for cancer and heart patients, due to the lack of nursing staff.

Germany is considering tightening restrictions

In a related context, the German Minister of Health called today, Tuesday, for the imposition of more restrictions to contain the “enormous” rise in cases of Corona virus, as the infection rate in the country reached a record level.

And the Minister of Health, Jens Young, called for allocating more public places only to those who have been vaccinated in recent days or recovered from Corona, and the result of their examination was negative, in an attempt to contain the fourth wave in Germany.

Young people did not rule out the closure, although he said that this would be decided in one district after another. Some regions, such as Saxony and Bavaria, which have been hardest hit, are already taking measures such as canceling Christmas markets.

Young men told Radio Germany that “the situation is not only dangerous, it is now tragic in some areas in Germany… We have to move patients because the intensive care units are full and this does not only affect Covid-19 patients.”

The surge in cases in Germany and neighboring Denmark prompted the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday to advise against all travel to the two countries.

7 thousand injuries in India

In Asia, data from the Indian Ministry of Health reported today, Tuesday, that India recorded 7,579 new cases of corona in the past 24 hours.

The ministry said that the total number of infections in the country has reached 34 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

And the country recorded 236 new deaths, bringing the total number to 46,6147.

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