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How does your startup become attractive to job seekers?


The American magazine “Forbes” published report Tatiana Melnychuk, founder and director of global IT recruitment firm Lucky Hunter, talks about how job seekers can be motivated to work at a startup.

Melnychuk says she has been with startups for a long time and loves working with them, and loves finding professionals to work on great teams working on interesting products. However, during her years in the recruitment field, she often faced job seekers’ doubts and fears, most importantly: Should I agree to work for a startup?

Melnychuk continues: “I understand their concerns, because job seekers in general tend to choose job opportunities in which there is stability over other opportunities that carry risk (and stability is often the advantage that can be provided by new companies), especially now during the epidemic, which was It already has a significant impact on the labor market.

Since start-ups are often still in their early stages, employers simply do not have the opportunity to offer job seekers terms similar to those found in job vacancies in other job offers (for example, the average salary depending on what is in the market). work and rewards).

In other cases, certain moments may complicate the selection of specialists, for example: the lack of the opportunity to work remotely, which is very much appreciated by job seekers in the field of IT.

Therefore, being able to build incentives for job seekers to work at a startup efficiently is important, as it may help professionals accept a job offer from those companies even if there are certain concerns.

These are 3 ways to motivate job candidates to work in startup companies, which Melnychuk uses in her work in the field of recruitment, she says:

Opportunity to work in a big city

We had a case where it was necessary to find an IT specialist to work in a start-up company, while the working conditions offered by the company were very ordinary. However, the big advantage was that the company is located in a big city, so our research focused on the surroundings of the city, because it is easier to motivate applicants for work from small cities to move to a big city, and we were successful in finding a specialist in the area who liked the company and received an offer to work with it.

Most startups have headquarters in big cities, and they can benefit from that. There are job seekers who are interested in moving to a big city if they have the opportunity to do so.

Experience working with an international team

When selecting candidates to work with foreign startups, my team emphasizes that working with them is an opportunity to gain valuable experience interacting with members of a multinational team, so it is important to emphasize the unique perspective that working within an international team brings.

Participate in the creation of a useful product

Often, you can spark the candidate’s interest in the idea that he or she will be involved in creating a useful and innovative product. It is critical for startup leaders to be so passionate about their project that they talk about it in a way that job candidates would love to work on.

I had an experience in which average job offers were made according to the job market, in which the founder of the startup talked so enthusiastically about the product that the job candidates came out of the interviews with their eyes that they were excited to join the company.

One of them was then holding a position in a large, stable company, and was not planning to change his workplace, yet he was so excited about the project that he accepted the offer.

However, it is important to note that not all of these methods will bring real benefits if the conditions of the vacancy you need to fill are unreasonable, or if there are elements that complicate the search process.

For example, in recruitment processes – especially in the field of information technology – two factors are very important:

Quickly pass the selection stages and quickly submit a job offer

The acute shortage of specialists has created a real struggle for job candidates at present, so delaying at any stage of the interview threatens your chances of hiring the best candidates. More often than not, job candidates simply choose the company that submitted the fastest offer.

Acting quickly is very important

There may be very few suitable candidates for this job. Moreover, the majority of professionals are already skeptical about working for a startup, so fast and clear communication is very important.

After meeting with your client (startup), carefully study the details of the vacancy, try to understand the interesting aspects of the project and how the working conditions meet the requirements of potential candidates for the job. This will enable you to develop the right strategy to motivate candidates to work in a way that helps the right specialist and team find each other. It is often difficult to find specialists to work in startup companies, but this can be realistic if you correctly select the necessary candidate profile, as well as develop an ideal strategy to motivate the candidate to work.

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