Mortada Mansour’s return to the presidency of Zamalek occupies the communication sites


About a year after the suspension, Mortada Mansour’s return to the presidency of the Zamalek club sparked controversy on social media, coinciding with holding the first session of the council, following the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to implement a court ruling accepting Mansour’s appeal against the decision to suspend him.

Yesterday evening, Monday, the ministry issued an official decision to return the former Zamalek club’s board of directors headed by Mortada Mansour, in implementation of the ruling of the Administrative Court of the State Council – last month – accepting Mansour’s appeal, stopping the decision to stop it and excluding the Zamalek club’s board of directors, which he headed.

According to the decision circulated by the media, approved by the Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi, it came “in the interest of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to preserve the electoral process that Zamalek Club will witness in the next stage, and to select a board of directors elected by members of the General Assembly in a way that contributes to the stability of the club’s entity. Zamalek in the next four years.

Mansour held today, Tuesday, the first meeting of the club’s board of directors, in the presence of all its members, after the decision to return, with the announcement of holding a press conference tomorrow, Wednesday, in which he will announce the details of the next stage, and a road map to return the Zamalek club to its former era, according to local media.

site was “MasrawyAn official source was quoted as saying that the readers came after a legal study that examined the effects and consequences of any step, with the aim of reaching a solution that guarantees the integrity of Zamalek’s election procedures before the end of this month, and concluded that it is best to implement the court’s ruling, to spare Zamalek the dissolution of its next board of directors upon filing an appeal. .

The decision to return enjoyed the interaction of social networking sites between those celebrating the decision and its opponents, in light of the question about the outcome of the investigations into the serious financial violations for which the decision to stop the council was issued a year ago, with some calling to prosecute the minister.

While the interaction was not without a hint that the decision to return comes in the context of what some see that Mortada’s presence and absence from the media scene in Egypt aims to distract and distract from conditions of concern to the Egyptian street.

In November 2020, the Ministry of Youth and Sports decided to refer financial violations contained in a report submitted by a committee that examined the files of the Zamalek club, and to temporarily suspend and exclude its board of directors until the investigations of the Public Prosecution are completed, and what results will result, or until the end of the legal period prescribed by law. to the Board of Directors.

In its ruling in favor of Mansour last month, the court said that “the financial violations referred by the Minister of Youth and Sports, because of which Mortada Mansour’s council was frozen, took nearly a year to investigate, and for a sufficient period to prove its position on these violations, and this means that the decision of the Minister of Youth and Sports to suspend has become illegal.” justification”.

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