watched Ghosts of Russia.. What is Putin’s secret army doing in the world?


Ten years ago, the internet was a more spacious and safer place than it is now, when Vladimir Putin, then prime minister, saw it was time to implement the doctrine of one of his close generals, Valery Gerasimov, that information warfare could be invested in. achieving Russia’s goals without the need to engage in actual combat. Accordingly, Putin and his regime established one of the largest, most advanced and secretive armies since the beginning of this century; An army of pirates.

With the least amount of investment in military assets, and most importantly, with the least chance of bearing any responsibilities or consequences before the world; Russia today has a huge army of highly skilled computer hackers and hackers, with highly developed capabilities, and a budget estimated at more than 50 billion dollars spent on it since its inception until now, and this cyber army is employed in structures that mysteriously follow the various Russian security services.

Because this army occupies an important and very vital space in today’s world and its real areas of influence, the “Midan” team has shed light in our new visual production on the history of the emergence of this army, and some of the minds behind that formation, and its confrontation with the Americans and European countries, as the video space allows. , while clarifying some points of extreme danger that this army could pose to Russia and Putin themselves.

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