4 content modules for e-commerce

The real strategy is simple: the company publishes and distributes content to drive sales in the online store. Ideally, the content is scattered over the entire customer journey and thus ensures a high-quality shopping experience – and the brand is also strengthened. But good content commerce only starts here and not only helps you with the customer journey. Here you will find four content modules that you can incorporate into your online shop.

The pure information …

… can sometimes be enough. Because customers often leave theirs Products in the shopping cart lie and do not complete the purchase out of uncertainty. In addition, there will also be every seventh order sent back – that’s not just missed sales, but especially a signal: Customers don’t feel safe enough to buy your product. But one thing in particular helps against this uncertainty: information about the product. What is it? What can it do? How big is it? Why do you need it? Once these questions have been answered, a lot has already been done. The advantage: A few simply written articles are usually sufficient – even if exciting illustrations, images and infographics can give an extra push. Because suitable content that provides good information about the product can work wonders. And once the question marks are gone, the way to the check-out is much easier.

Off to the usage situations

Often you are so close to the product in sales that you lose sight of the important customer perspective. Maybe the product will be used very differently than you imagined! Content about the application of your products can help. Show your customers how to use and apply your product – maybe you will discover new possibilities there that you did not think of before. Of course, this content is not only for you as a small thought exercise, it also helps customers to better imagine the use of your product. Here it makes sense to unpack the video production skills – that makes all the content even more tangible. As a result, not only is the product more likely to be bought, it is also more likely to be used and is remembered more positively.

Sometimes it even helps if you show your own face. That makes your brand more personal. (Image: Ivan Dudka / Shutterstock)

Listicles and bullet lists

The fact that you clicked on this article is almost proof of the attraction of listicles – because in principle this article is nothing more than just that. To label them as a fun gimmick would not do them justice. Because listed articles are clear and easy to read. This makes it a good content snack, especially for users. Get creative and think about which listicles might fit your product. Not only can they be a fun change from a hard day-to-day work, they can also make a difference: Customers are happy about the easy and entertaining content – this promotes traffic to the website and increases brand loyalty. But watch out: if the whole thing seems too forced, it can very quickly turn into the opposite.



The Magnolia content platform enables its users to: manage content and media of all kinds in one place and create personalized experiences across multiple channels.

Sometimes it helps to distance yourself from the direct product and focus more on the indirect advantages and possible uses. Because articles that revolve around the product, its possible applications and solutions are often more helpful than articles that bluntly advertise the product. To do this, it is important to be aware of which division your product is in and which category it belongs to. Here, too, content creation is a good exercise to put yourself in the shoes of your target group – because for good articles that have nothing directly to do with the product, you have to know the life situation and interests of your customers. For example, if you have a face cream, there are beauty tips that have nothing to do with your cream. This is not only helpful for customers, but also underlines your expert status as a brand: It shows that you are familiar with the subject of your product.

Unfortunately, the best content ideas are useless if they cannot be integrated well into the online shop. The problem: Many CM systems reach their limits when merging content and shop. Competitions, promotions and sales can also be highlighted less so. As a result, what content commerce should actually take care of suffers: experience-oriented shopping. Magnolia as a headless CMS offers the possibility to combine content and commerce in one shop. This means that it can also be used across channels at the same time. Nothing stands in the way of perfect content for your online shop.

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