A craftsman in directing and acting.. The series “Kitab” is a new transformation in Saudi drama

The series “Kidnat” sparked widespread controversy after the presentation of its 13 episodes, signed by British director Mark Everest, and written by Saudi Arabia, Amani Al-Sulaimi.

The Saudi social series, which combines drama and tragedy, takes place in the world of crime, and deals with the story of the kidnapping of a girl named “Lina”, and her family’s search for her.

The story of “kidnapping” is based on the foreign film “Girl in the basement”, which depicts a real incident that took place in Austria in 2008 when a father was arrested for locking his daughter in a basement for more than 20 years.

The author of the Saudi series, Amani Al-Sulaimi, explains that the idea of ​​​​the work was inspired by an old novel that she wrote since childhood, but she developed it and merged with it interesting psychological and social worlds in one dramatic framework.

Al-Sulaimi says that the series was an integrated process between the director and the makers of the work, as well as the element of suspense to bring out the entire text, which made the story become real and realistic in the minds of the viewers, but the last scene made them realize that it is neither real nor realistic.

The work events tell the tragic life story of an innocent 10-year-old girl named “Lina”, who was kidnapped by a man and held for about 20 years, during which she was subjected to the worst forms of intimidation, psychological intimidation and physical torture.

Al-Sulaimi presented a well-woven story, shortening it in 13 episodes, that is, away from the lengthening without dramatic reasons, as well as presenting the dimensions of the psychological state of the kidnapped woman without only focusing on the psychological illness that the kidnapper suffers from and the contract that he carries with him since his childhood.


She adds that she used a psychiatrist to write the precise details in scientific writing about the condition of the kidnapper and the kidnapped and her family, to provide accurate psychological treatment for all parties to the crime, and this made the work combines suspense and psychological depth.

The series received varying reactions after its presentation, which varied between denouncing cases of brutality, violence and the psychological tragedy that it embodied on the one hand, and praising its image, technique, level of directing, artistic and dramatic construction, on the other hand.

But Al-Sulaimi believes that the ceiling of the ambitions of dramas has risen among the viewer, the author and the actor, in light of the transitional period we are currently living in, and the high aspirations and available capabilities, which requires concerted efforts in order to present stronger and more daring works.

Critics attacked the series, which included scenes, ideas and words that they considered unworthy of Saudi society, as well as its appearance in a Western character that brings the viewer back to remind foreign films based on a similar sequence and a close execution method.

Clever actor

The story and directing are not enough without the presence of a brilliant actor, who has a high sense and an outstanding talent to turn the idea into a reality that moves on the screen, so the audience believes it and interacts with it.

The Saudi actress, Ilham Ali, who appeared as “Lina” was the main driver of changing events in the series, while the actor Khaled Saqr brilliantly embodied the role of the kidnapper “Majed”, and the two stars Muhannad bin Khuwailid and Fayez bin Jerais participated in the work, along with a number of actors such as Laila Al-Salman. And Abdul Ilah Al-Sinani and Asmahan Tawfiq.

Ilham Ali presented 3 characters in a kidnapping series, she almost does not believe that she is the same as the kidnapped “Lina” and her rebellious and outgoing sister “Kholoud”, the same “Taif”, the ghost that incites Lina to escape.

The Saudi artist excelled in the work, expressing performance, body language, face and voice about each character, so the viewer is confused whether she is really one actress or if they are 3 similar actresses.

The Saudi actress says that this work was a great challenge for her because there are differences in the three characters, between a complex character, a personality with a psychological dimension, and a character closer to horror.

She considers that her acting work requires her to perform the role and convey it to the audience as written by the author, and presenting a role does not mean that it is similar to her, or her conviction in the role or not.

The kidnapping series, which was filmed over a period of 3 months, witnessed a great interaction among the pioneers of social networking sites. In the community.

In addition to Ilham Ali, the hero of the actor Khaled Saqr excelled in presenting his role, and his choice was successful and made him perform scenes that reflected the relationship that the kidnapper had with his victim, and another artist may be prohibited from doing the same scenes for many reasons.

The level of filming, the performance of the scenes with high professionalism, and the understanding of Ilham Ali and her husband Khaled Saqr contributed to the success of the series, as the work made of them a duo that can be invested well in the future in purposeful drama.

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