Anger at the image of the Juventus president and his leader with the Israeli president .. “Agnelli does not only destroy our football nights, he supports the killing of Palestinians.”

Juventus aroused the indignation of football fans around the world after blocking the comments on a photo posted on its official account on the Twitter site of club president Andrea Agnelli and Argentine Paulo Dybala with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife.

And “Juve” published the photo in a tweet today, Wednesday, noting that it came on the occasion of the Chelsea and Juventus meeting in London, which brought the two teams together on Tuesday in the Champions League, which ended with Juve losing four clean.

Juventus fans and tweeters interacted greatly with the photo, expressing their dissatisfaction with this step with Israel, which they described as “racist and illegitimate.”

They also criticized the blocking of comments on the tweet due to the club’s knowledge of the fans’ anger at it, according to their opinion.

And a tweeter said – directing his speech to the head of the “old lady” team – “You closed the comments because you know that this is not true, and it seems that Al Karama responded with a shameful loss. Stay away from politics and focus on the nonsense in which the team sits deeply at the moment.”

Another fan wrote: “Cancel the comments, and for a club like Juventus, it’s very dangerous in terms of communication.”

A tweet criticized the blocking of comments because, in her opinion, the club knows that he did “bad things”, and said, “(The team) makes me feel sick. Israel is an illegal state and a genocidal state that steals everything, freedom for Palestine.”

Another Juve fan said, “Agnelli not only supports the killing of Layalina with terrible football, he supports the killing of innocent Palestinians as well!”

One angry fan wrote, “At this point, I’m really starting to doubt why I would support such a terrorist team.”

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