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Barcelona in the European League .. one gain and many losses

Barcelona in the European League, a title that seemed closer to a joke in past years, but today it has become among the possibilities awaiting the Catalan club two weeks from today.

Barcelona’s task of qualifying for the Champions League final price was complicated, after a disappointing draw against Benfica on Tuesday, and it became necessary to beat Bayern Munich in the final round two weeks later.

In the event of a stumble against Bayern and Benfica winning against Dynamo Kiev, Barcelona fans will have to change their schedule and wait for their team’s matches on Thursday nights, in the European League competition.

Barcelona has been absent from the European League since 2003, and his move to this competition this season will be synonymous with a great loss at the sporting level, and will harm the image of the club, which was classified among the candidates for the Champions League crown each season.

In addition, the Catalan club will receive huge financial losses, given the huge difference between the rewards allocated to clubs in the European League, and what is allocated to the Champions League clubs.

While the incomes of participating in the group stage of the Champions League reach 15 million euros, the amount that the teams participating in the same role in the European League receive does not exceed only 3.6 million euros, according to a report published by Sport newspaper (Sport) Spanish.

The newspaper pointed out that each victory in the Champions League is matched by a reward of 2.8 million euros, compared to only 630,000 euros in the European League, and the finalist for the Champions League gets 9.6 million euros, while the team that reaches the same role in the other competition only gets 1.2 million euros.

This difference in rewards continues in the rest of the roles, which means huge cumulative incomes for teams that reach advanced roles in the Champions League, compared to modest rewards in the European League.

Barcelona has only one gain from participating in this competition, but it is linked to the coronation of its title, which will guarantee the Catalan club to participate in the Champions League next season.

This may be a solution for Barcelona in the event that its disappointing results continue in the Spanish League, and its failure to seize one of the qualifying centers for the Champions League at the end of the season.

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