Saturday, November 27

Connected TV and digital video are currently the focus of advertisers

Accordingly, half of the member companies expect an increase in sales this year. The earnings trend has also improved overall. The proportion of companies that report a better development compared to the previous year in 2021 has increased by 20 percent.

In the current year advertising investments have increased again overall. In 2021, 38 percent of the members increased their budget, compared to just 11 percent in the previous year. The advertising volume in 2021 shows a positive development and is recovering from the corona-related slumps from the previous year. For the coming year, 37 percent of companies are assuming the same advertising volume and 32 percent are anticipating an increase in advertising volume.

The member companies were also asked about the development of advertising spending in 2022. This shows that the digital channels in particular lead the ranking of advertising investments. Especially CTV / ATV and online video stand out here. 71 percent state that they will increase their spending on CTV / ATV in the coming year; none of the companies want to reduce their spending in this area. 68 percent are also planning increased advertising investments for online video. The results therefore reflect the trend that has been observed on the market for some time. Digital video advertising is becoming more and more relevant and is increasingly replacing traditional channels. But companies are also increasing their advertising volume for social media and influencers, while there is hardly any movement in traditional media. Linear television in particular continues to come under pressure. Only 20 percent of those surveyed plan to increase their advertising investments, while 43 percent plan to reduce them.

“The advertising volume follows the consumers – the trend towards digital continues, with video leading by far, followed by social media and influencer marketing. As newcomers, podcasts can also look forward to a positive development in advertising volumes, ”OWM managing director Susanne Kunz comments on the survey.


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