Corona .. Europe is preparing for a fifth wave of the epidemic and the World Health Organization recommends a third dose of the vaccine

Several European countries are preparing to deal with a fifth wave of the Corona epidemic, as the World Health Organization recommended a third dose of the anti-virus vaccine to strengthen immunity in the most vulnerable groups.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said on Wednesday that Europe had returned to being the epicenter of the pandemic, amid a “false sense of security” about the protection offered by vaccines.

WHO officials warned that the Corona virus may continue to spread as societies return towards the end of the year to the social mixing and movement that was usual before the pandemic.

Tedros indicated in a press conference that more than 60% of all cases recorded globally for deaths in the past week were in Europe.

The World Health Organization had warned that European Union countries would turn into a focus of the epidemic if they did not take more strict measures, as about 68% of the population received two doses of anti-vaccines.

But the real dilemma is in the large gap in the rates of receiving the vaccine between European countries. In a country like Bulgaria, only 24% of the population received the vaccine, while in Portugal, about 87% received the vaccine.

European Union countries are currently recording 4,200 deaths per day, which is the number of daily deaths recorded in late September, while the World Health Organization warns that 700,000 new deaths may be recorded across Europe by next March.

Several European countries have begun to tighten restrictions, as the Hungarian government intends to extend the state of emergency that it imposed until June 22, 2022, in a move that means that the state of emergency will remain in effect during the parliamentary elections scheduled for April.

And the government of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi agreed to impose new restrictions targeting mainly the unvaccinated, which means that entry to places such as restaurants, cinemas and theaters is prohibited, except for those who have evidence of receiving the vaccination.

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