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Hawkeye series on Disney Plus: Christmas with the Avengers

Musicals are very controversial. Some find the fidgeting and fidgeting too shallow, others are completely carried away by a total work of art that is expansive like an opera and inviting like a pop song. Superhero Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) belongs to the first faction. He is taking a short vacation with his family in New York, on the program is “Rogers – The Musical” about Captain America, a story in which he himself plays a leading role as an archery hero and team member of the Avengers. Seeing his life on stage, wrapped in cheesy songs and cardboard backdrops, thinks Hawkeye, whose real name is Clint, is just mediocre. Because he had actually finished all the adventure stuff and wanted to become a completely normal family man. Slowly his mind drifts away as he watches himself sing and dance on stage. His children next to him are already asking if he has switched off the hearing aid. It’s Christmas in New York, and the grayish slush in the streets is only slightly masked by the colorful fairy lights.

This pleasantly self-reflective and funny scene in the new Marvel series Hawkeye is not entirely new as an idea: already in the second Avengers– In the 2015 movie, the heroes were allowed to sip iced tea on the veranda at Clint’s, and then the topic that haunted some heroes appeared: the desire to be completely normal. All unhappy superheroes are alike, each happy one is happy in his own way, one could say, very loosely based on Leo Tolstoy.

Young Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) is not yet a superhero, but would like to be one. Her great role model: Hawkeye of all people, who saved her in the first “Avengers” film in 2012. Almost ten years have passed since then, and Kate goes to college obsessively training archery and martial arts. Unlike Hawkeye, she is very dissatisfied with her family: the rich mother, who always has to laugh at new snobs from the New York upper class; the missing father who wasn’t as lucky as she was in 2012. Things could go better at university. So why not become a superhero?

Too bad Kate’s costume once belonged to Hawkeye, with whom some still have an account

But aren’t the days of superheroes long gone? Isn’t Kate ten years late? Superheroes were relegated to the musical stages. Heroes’ devotional items are auctioned at an illegal auction, and Kate falls into a costume with which she begins to stir up the New York underworld. Not a good idea at all. Because the costume once belonged to Hawkeye, and some criminals still have an account of it.

Hawkeye, this hero armed with a bow and arrow, was always a second-rate man. In addition to the Playboy Iron Man and the crazy Hulk, he looked too good and colorless, even boring. To this day, in contrast to almost all other Avengers, he has not received a movie of his own. But now at least this mini-series on Disney Plus – and that is, at least as far as the episodes shown in advance, are very excellent. Not only because she reflects on everything: the hero characters turned into a musical farce, the feeling of being late, the balancing act between hero circus and real life. But above all because she finds the right balance and the right timing.

In archery, the moment is also decisive: tendon tension, wind, breathing, everything has to be right when the arrow is released, and for that Hawkeye has hit the mark, is probably mainly the director Rhys Thomas responsible. It’s from the late night show Saturday Night Live, and every gag and comment has to be thought a step or two further. Chief author of Hawkeye is Jonathan Igla, who also comes from a completely different corner, namely from the series Mad Men and Bridgerton.

Jeremy Renner, who often falls short in his roles as an actor, can be in Hawkeye In any case, explore the suppressed worries of his superhero and still be funny, which also works so well because the chemistry with Hailee Steinfeld as Sidekick Kate is right. It was already in ten years ago True Grit proved that it can also convey a lot of humor in bitter seriousness.

The jokes are right, the scene changes, the secondary characters, the punchlines with which the two heroes rake: Even the one-eyed Christmas dog that hisses at you from the posters for the series is not as annoying as you had to fear. A direct hit. From the second row.

Hawkeye, two episodes starting Wednesday, then weekly, on Disney Plus

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