How does watching Netflix harm the environment?.. German experts’ advice to reduce energy consumption while broadcasting over the Internet

The Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection in the German state of Bavaria indicated that the operation of broadcasting over the Internet requires large server platforms, on which audio and video contents are stored.

Usually these large groups of servers consume huge electrical energy when they are used by countless users daily, and German experts confirmed that these server platforms harm the carbon dioxide balance.

Since it is difficult to abandon the functions of online broadcasting, there are some measures that help reduce energy consumption, for example, not to play broadcasts again and again from the Internet, but the broadcast content must be downloaded and stored in the memory of the terminal devices, and it is better for the environment to access The broadcasting platform in question is via a LAN cable instead of a wireless Wi-Fi network, and when moving, connecting to the Internet via a smartphone network is more environmentally friendly.

The climate handbook issued by the German Ministry indicated that broadcasting videos, series and movies via digital platforms such as “Netflix” consumes more energy than audio content; Since a larger amount of data must be transmitted while broadcasting, the user can reduce power consumption by lowering the resolution from Full HD to 720p or 480p.

When choosing broadcast services on the Internet, the user must take into account that the servers of these companies are powered by environmentally friendly electric power, bearing in mind that the larger the screen size of the devices on which the broadcast contents are displayed; The need for electrical energy increased.

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