Ignore the Arab countries except for one.. Biden invites more than 100 countries to the summit of democracy

US President Joe Biden has invited leaders of about 110 countries to participate in a virtual summit on democracy that he intends to organize next December, according to a list published by the US State Department on Tuesday.

The list came in agreement with what was previously published in the American media, as it was empty of all Arab countries except for Iraq. In return, Israel was invited to the summit.

As was expected, Biden did not invite to this summit China and Russia, the main rivals of the United States, but in return he invited Taiwan, in a move that would anger Beijing, which will be the most prominent absentee present in this first meeting of its kind.

Since his arrival at the White House last January, the Democratic president has not hidden that his foreign policy is based on a struggle between the democracies led by his country and the “authoritarian regimes” best represented – in his view – by China and Russia.

The “Democracy Summit” was one of his electoral campaign promises, and he decided to hold the first version of it virtually on the ninth and tenth of next December due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the second version to be held in attendance at the end of next year.

Turkey is not invited

According to the list of invitees published by the State Department on Tuesday, Biden – along with his country’s Western allies – invited countries such as India and Pakistan, but he did not invite Turkey, which is his country’s ally in NATO.

From Europe, the list included Poland, which the European Union accuses of not respecting the rule of law, but not Hungary, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whose controversial policies.

As for the brown continent, the list included South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and Niger.

And if it was expected that China would be absent from this summit, what many did not expect is that Biden would invite Taiwan, which the United States does not originally recognize as an independent state, but considers it a democratic model to be followed in the face of the Asian giant, which considers the island an integral part of its territory and pledges to restore Join it someday, even by force if necessary.

Hence, it is expected that Taiwan’s invitation to participate in this virtual summit will inflame the tensions that have been rising in recent weeks between Washington and Beijing over the island.

India will participate in the summit, which, although dubbed “the largest democracy in the world”, its Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the subject of strong criticism by human rights organizations. Pakistan will also participate in the summit despite its volatile relationship with the United States.

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