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It contains black seeds and represents a “magic medicine” for many diseases.. What do you know about the “black pomegranate” fruit that Iraq is famous for?

This type of fruit is grown only in the town of Mandali and its villages and countryside in the far east of Diyala Governorate near the Iraqi-Iranian border and is famous for it without other regions.

Diyala- Since his childhood, Ammar Jassim (60 years old) inherited from his father a rare variety of black pomegranate, or what is known locally as “Anaris”, whenever he felt stomach or stomach pains, recalling from those moments what he heard about his father as he spoke to his older brothers, “This pomegranate A magic medicine that cures all abdominal pain.

And the “Anaris” fruit is a very rare type called a type of pomegranate, its outer peel is very dark red, tends to black, contains black beads inside, and it represents what many Iraqis consider a “magic medicine” for all abdominal diseases, and eating it leads to the disappearance of the symptoms of many diseases, according to them. .

black pomegranate (island)

Why only mandali?

This type of fruit is grown only in the town of Mandali and its villages and countryside in the far east of Diyala Governorate, near the Iraqi-Iranian border, and is famous for it without other regions. other.

Locally, Diyala is called “the city of oranges” and “the mother of the orchards” due to its abundance of fruit crops and its fame for its orange production.

And one of the points of difference and distinction of “black pomegranate” from other types of fruits is that the tree’s height level is less than the required level compared to other general varieties, says agricultural expert Qais Sadiq, and the amount of fruits produced by the fruit in it is less than the amount of fruits in the pomegranate ordinary. In addition to another feature, which is its distinctive color, which tends to red closer to black.

In response to a question by Al Jazeera Net about the reasons for limiting the cultivation of this fruit in Mandali to the exclusion of other areas, the agricultural expert refers to the geographical nature and the quality of the soil that characterizes the town, in addition to the fact that most of its lands and orchards are sandy lands, and this contributes mainly to the success of the cultivation of this type of Fruits in it exclusively.

Black Pomegranate (Al Jazeera 2) copyThere is no medical or scientific explanation that reveals the mystery of this fruit’s treatment of abdominal aches and pains (Al-Jazeera)

Immediate treatment

What supports the use of “black pomegranate” as an immediate treatment for stomach, stomach and intestine pain among the residents of the town is what Sadiq remembers when he was young while listening to live experiences from parents and grandparents about the benefits of this fruit for treating diseases and pain.

Although there is no medical or scientific explanation that reveals the mystery of this fruit’s treatment of abdominal aches and pains so far, Sadiq believes that the reason for this may be due to a type of pigment in it, which is more like pain-relieving materials or resistance to some bacteria and viruses present in the human body. .

And the orchards of Mandali used to plant one or two trees at most of the “black pomegranate” fruit, which is not sold in the markets but is distributed free of charge to the needy. Haider Star for Al Jazeera Net, indicating that there is a complete conviction among the people that it cures stomach and stomach pain.

Sattar complains about the lack of government support and interest for the development of this rare fruit at the level of Iraq and the region, stressing that the interest of the concerned authorities in “Anariseh” makes it one of the main sources for achieving large imports for the governorate in general.

Journalist Ali Al-Anbaki Al-Jazeera 3 copyAl-Anbaki warned that Diyala will lose its agricultural position unless the drought problem is addressed (Al-Jazeera)

carnation dates

In addition to “Anariseh”, Mandali is famous and is also characterized by a special type of dates, locally called “Alkronfl”; It is a rare type that is not found in any other Iraqi region, and the price of one kilo of it reaches about 24 US dollars, and it has a very special taste and flavour, and this is what made it a symbol of Baladrouz district in Diyala Governorate.

But the drought has threatened the “fruit basket of Iraq” and hit large areas of agricultural land in the recent period due to the lack of water from its sources and the drying up of irrigation rivers, which prompted the activist and journalist Ali Al-Anbaki to warn that the governorate will lose its special agricultural position at the level of Iraq unless this problem is addressed .

Al-Anbaki says – in his speech to Al-Jazeera Net – that Diyala has agricultural ingredients, specifically citrus varieties, which makes it able to be the main distributor for all Iraqi provinces, provided that the drought that hits its orchards and threatens its agricultural future is urgently dealt with.

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