New York Times Article: Ronald Reagan’s Guide to Biden’s Political Future

An article in the New York Times criticized (New York TimesPresident Joe Biden, arguing that his performance as an ambitious president of the United States is faltering as his first year draws to a close, his legislative agenda is faltering under a divided Congress, and voters are angry about inflation and other economic concerns as he struggles to find a foothold on the world theatre.

Writer Jamal Boye points to what allies and critics say the president and his party have made a major misstep by mistaking their successful defeat of an outgoing president for a decisive mandate in favor of their platform, with the result being a poor approval rating, a frustrated audience and a blown opposition party. He commented that if the congressional elections were held today, there is no doubt that the president would lose due to the increasing backlash against his administration.

Bowie likened President Biden in 2021 to President Ronald Reagan in 1981, who was described in precisely these terms at the end of his first year in office, when editor Hedrick Smith of The New York Times wrote in January 1982, “As the president heads into his second year, much has gone Of magic, the politics of optimism had a hard time, and the stagnation hit with totally unexpected force in the jubilant high tide of Reaganism last summer.Reagan’s current headache continues to epitomize the life cycle of the modern American presidency of hot starts and stagnation in the second year, with some rebound in the third year or a stunning achievement “.

The writer believes that the analysis of the Reagan presidency in 1981, with a few modifications, can be published as an assessment of Biden’s condition in 2021. Not because the two men or two years are the same, but because – as Smith hints – there is harmony in the presidency, or in direct terms, the structural position of the position makes it difficult to Be popular and ambitious. With notable rare exceptions, the president is either in this or that capacity.

Biden is much less popular now than he was at the start of the year, and perhaps – some observers say – he and his party are too vigilant, too liberal, and too detached from the experiences of ordinary Americans

The writer elaborated on the similarities between the two presidents, noting that public opinion works like a heat index, where voters try to adjust the heat of politics when it veers away in either direction, and concluded that the more ambitious the president – or appears to be – the stronger the response. Pointer acted against him.

He described Biden as much less popular now than he was at the beginning of the year, and perhaps – some observers say – he and his party are too vigilant, too liberal, and too detached from the experiences of ordinary Americans.

He concluded his article that it is difficult to act as an ambitious president without incurring any penalty, even if your policies are as popular as Biden. It is also difficult as a president to be popular; Every person who has held the position of president has hit a difficult stage and struggled to regain their balance.

He saw that although Biden’s level is now down, if the usual pattern is any indication, he will recover. In the same way that the descent was beyond his control, we must remember that the ascent was.

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