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Newsweek: This is how Shiite factions plan to confront US forces if they do not withdraw from Iraq

The Secretary-General of the “Sayyid al-Shuhada” Brigades, Abu Ala’ al-Wala’i, announced the opening of the door to volunteering for the ranks of the battalions, in preparation for what he called the “decisive confrontation” with the American forces, as soon as the deadline set for their withdrawal expires on December 31, 2021.

An American magazine said that at a time when Iraqi Shiite factions pledged to abide by the year-end deadline for the withdrawal of the American army from their country, one of the influential factions threatened that “the Iraqi militias managed to force the American forces to withdraw a decade before the Taliban victory in Afghanistan, and it plans to repeat that soon in Iraq.” “.

The American magazine Newsweek (NewsweekNasr Al-Shammari, a spokesman for the Al-Nujaba Movement, which is affiliated with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, said – in an exclusive statement to the magazine – that what he described as the Iraqi resistance preceded the Afghan Taliban movement in forcing the United States to withdraw from Iraq in 2011, and today it is stronger and more numerous.

He added, “The resistance has the ability to confront, long spirit, and determination to expel any foreign forces from Iraqi lands. We have our unique and rich experience and a great cultural and ideological legacy, and we respect all the experiences of free peoples.”

Harakat al-Nujaba is one of dozens of armed Shiite organizations that make up the Popular Mobilization Forces, a broad group of Iraqi state-sponsored factions, which took up arms in response to the rapid advance of the Islamic State and its control over large parts of north and northwest Iraq in 2014.

A number of these factions, as the magazine adds, were mostly Shiites and some were closely allied with Iran; Previously active in the face of both the US forces that invaded Iraq in 2003 and what they described as Sunni insurgents who eventually formed the backbone of the Islamic State after former US President Barack Obama completed his planned withdrawal from the country in December 2011.

America has pledged to withdraw its combat forces from Iraq by the end of this year (Getty Images)

Iraqi division

Newsweek reported that while Washington, Tehran and Baghdad found common ground in confronting ISIS elements, the continued presence of US forces in Iraq caused divisions among Iraqis that continued for years after Baghdad announced the defeat of ISIS fighters.

And last Friday, what is known as the “Coordinating Committee of the Iraqi Resistance” threatened to use the resistance’s weapon to “dismember the occupation”, in the event that the withdrawal of US forces from the country is not completed by the end of this year, as promised by US President Joe Biden.

Commenting on Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s understanding in this context, the Coordinating Committee said that it “does not believe in the seriousness and commitment of the occupation,” but stressed that the armed groups “are committed to giving the Iraqi negotiator an opportunity to expel the American occupation from our pure land through diplomatic means.”

The commission stated that more than 3 months after the strategic dialogue between Washington and Baghdad last July 26, “it has not yet witnessed any manifestations of withdrawal, although only 42 days separate us from the next December 31.”

On the contrary, we have noticed that the brazen American occupation has increased its numbers and equipment in its bases in Iraq, to ​​the extent that we heard official and semi-official statements from American officials about their intention not to withdraw from the country on the pretext that there was a request from Baghdad not to do so, at a time when we did not see any A response or denial by the Iraqi government to these foolish statements.” And the coordinating body warned that the alternative to the peaceful exit of the United States is armed action.

Similar warnings were also issued by other prominent Iraqi figures in the factions, such as the Secretary-General of the Sayyid al-Shuhada Brigades, Abu Ala’ al-Wala’i, who announced the opening of the door to volunteering for the ranks of the battalions, in preparation for what he called a “decisive confrontation” with the American forces immediately after the end of the deadline set for them to withdraw on December 31. First 2021.

Al-Wali was twice targeted in air strikes ordered by Biden in response to missile attacks on US sites in Iraq.

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