Sanctions affect its political wing.. Australia designates Lebanese Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

Agence France-Presse reported that the Australian government announced the designation of Hezbollah, with its military and political wings, as a terrorist organization, in a move that expanded the scope of sanctions that included only the military wing.

The agency quoted Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews as saying that the party continues to threaten terrorist attacks and provide support to terrorist organizations, and poses a real threat to Australia.

And classified Hezbollah as a whole in the United States as a terrorist organization, unlike its situation in other countries that only included its military wing on its list of terrorist organizations and kept its political wing outside the framework of sanctions, for fear that such a move would complicate its ties with the Lebanese authorities.

Under the decision, it is prohibited in Australia – where a large Lebanese community lives – belonging to or financing Hezbollah.

The Australian Minister of the Interior did not explain the reasons that prompted her to take this decision, which comes at a time when Lebanon is plunged into a deep economic and political crisis.

About 80% of the population of Lebanon lives below the poverty line in light of high inflation rates, a scarcity of medicines and fuel, and severe rationing of electricity, while the government is gradually lifting subsidies on medicines and fuel.

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