Sunday, November 28

Watch – The psychological war in Ethiopia is also heating up.. a breathtaking video from the Tigray front

Local media and government officials in the Tigray region (Northern Ethiopia) broadcast a video filmed from the air showing large crowds, said to be thousands of prisoners of the Ethiopian army, who were recently captured by the Tigray Liberation Front, which is fighting with other factions opposing the government forces.

Officials said the clip was filmed during a mass demonstration in the provincial capital, Mikkeli, on November 21.

Tigray TV said the Ethiopian army prisoners had called on Abiy Ahmed’s government to stop the war and “ethnic cleansing”.

Tigray Liberation Front spokesman Getachew Reda posted the clip on his Twitter account, and wrote, “The prisoners of war in Tigray came out en masse yesterday to express their solidarity with the people of Tigray, and expressed their gratitude to the people and government of Tigray for the humane treatment they accorded them.”

Ethiopian and Arab activists interacted with the widely circulated clip, and opinions differed about the acceleration of the military and media war between Abi Ahmed’s government and the Tigray Liberation Front, especially after the clip was published and Abi Ahmed announced his descent into the battlefield alongside the army.

The video clip was met with skepticism by some of the tweeters on the communication sites, because the large crowds cannot express the truth, as they may be participants in the demonstration and are not prisoners in the grip of the Tigray Front.

Others supported this proposition and questioned the clip, especially as it is an aerial photography aimed at showing the large crowd of prisoners without approaching their faces to avoid revealing their identities, and it falls within psychological warfare and pressure on the Ethiopian government, they said.

It is mentioned that it is difficult to verify the truth of the circulating clip due to the nature of the filming and the difficulty of identifying the people, and it is also not possible to be certain that all the participants are prisoners of war from the Ethiopian army.

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