What does a bloody democracy look like?

In my article, “The Department of Super Diplomacy” – at the beginning of this month – I indicated that the administration of US President Joe Biden will manage the interests of the United States in the world through a new strategy that relies heavily on diplomacy, and the promises, wishes, reassurances, or condemnation and condemnation that it carries, not on Threats, blackmail, and the beating of war drums, in line with Biden’s plan to manage the world, which is consistent with the United Nations goals to transform the world, known as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this context, come the shuttle tours of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the most recent of which was his visit to West African countries last week, He visited Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

The continuation of the United States and Western countries in coloring their positions on the coup regimes and their tyrannical and repressive behavior, according to their interests, will not be in the interest of achieving the goals of sustainable development, and will push the Arab region and the world into more tension, turmoil and chaos, and will increase the frustration of the forces that believe in true democracy as an ideal solution to the situation The struggle for power in many third world countries.

Who are they laughing at?

In a long speech delivered by Blinken in the Nigerian capital Abuja – before the Economic Community of West African States known as “CEDIAO” or “ECOWAS” – the minister presented the exemplary version of what the US administration is marketing in the third world countries – in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America – Based on President Biden’s plan to run the world, to achieve the goals of sustainable development, and to encourage rich countries to contribute to investment projects that achieve these goals. The speech included 5 main themes:

  1. eradication of the covid-19 epidemic.
  2. Response and response to the climate crisis.
  3. Building a more stable and inclusive global economy.
  4. Promoting democracy and human rights.
  5. Advance lasting security and peace in Africa.

These themes represent 5 main goals of the sustainable development goals, and in their folds refer to a number of other goals such as gender equality and digital transformation.

In this article, we stand at the fourth axis of democracy and human rights, which expresses the details of the current US administration’s political vision for democracy, which the minister carries wherever he goes. This vision shows the extent of the deception that the US administration is doing to the peoples of the third world, while it sells them the illusions of democracy and human rights.

Here is a summary of what Blinken said under this axis:

  • Authoritarianism is growing all over the world.
  • Technology is being used to silence dissent and prosecute citizens.
  • Democracies must respond to the call to fight misinformation, defend internet freedom, curb misuse of surveillance technology, and set standards for responsible behavior in cyberspace.
  • Governments are becoming less transparent, corruption is growing, and in many places, elections have become a source of violence.
  • Leaders ignore their tenure, rig or postpone elections, exploit social grievances to gain and retain power, arrest opposition figures, and suppress the media.
  • Many Africans now live under authoritarian governments.
  • The armies have wrested power from civilian governments 4 times this year.
  • Successive opinion polls in the countries of the continent show that the African people support democracy.
  • Democratic decline is not only an African problem, it is a global problem, and the United States itself is fighting threats to its democracy.
  • It should be clarified how democratic systems can achieve what citizens want, quickly and efficiently. So that citizens do not lose faith in the democratic system, this supports the arguments of authoritarian governments that their system is the best.
  • Free and thriving civil societies that give citizens peaceful means to express their grievances and to drive change should be protected.

The minister seemed perfect in diagnosing dictatorship and tyranny and its consequences, to the extent that you think of him as one of the leaders of the opposition oppressed at the hands of tyrannical regimes, in one of the third world countries. authoritarianism, support, and silence about its transgressions and violations. Did the minister forget that he represents the only pole state in the world, which roams the world east and west, without accountability or oversight, and issues whatever sanctions it wants on whomever it wants, and at any time it wants, alone or with its partners and allies?!

Contradiction of word and deed

Talking about democracy in this way, at a time when the United States establishes strategic partnership relations with many revolutionary, tyrannical, totalitarian and corrupt regimes, shows the bloody face of democracy that the United States and Western countries in general are promoting, in the third world countries, where interests dominate principles, The type and level of the political situation regarding the coup and tyrannical regimes is determined according to the extent to which these regimes care for the interests of the United States, and the extent of their willingness to fall under its banner. It is sufficient for Minister Blinken to read the reports of Amnesty International or the annual American report on the state of human rights in the world, to find out the great contradiction between the principles of democracy and the rights that he sings about, and the actual reality of the extent to which the United States’ regional allies adhere to these principles, and how the positions and reactions of the United States vary. towards the violations of these allies.

Minister Blinken did not invent these principles, as the Democratic Party, with its successive administrations, has always sung about them, along with the Republican Party as well. To the United Nations in 2015 he said, “A government that suppresses peaceful opposition does not show its strength, it shows its weakness and its fear… Regimes that fear their own people will eventually collapse.” And the positions of the central Western countries always come in line with the United States towards the violations and abuses of authoritarian regimes, either through silence and transgression, or condemnation and denunciation, or embargo and sanctions, or direct intervention.

In the past ten years, the Arab region has witnessed several models in which these contradictions were clearly manifested, and that the continued coloring of their positions on the coup regimes and their tyrannical and repressive behaviors, according to their interests, will not be in the interest of achieving the goals of sustainable development, and will push the Arab region and the world to more It will increase the frustration of the forces that believe in true democracy as an ideal solution to the situation of the raging struggle for power in many third world countries, and will even lead to hastening the demolition of the Western democratic model in the United States and elsewhere. The administration of President Biden – through his words and the words of his Secretary of State – has expressed on many occasions the damage to the American democratic model, and its need for restoration and reconstruction, following the storming of the White House by supporters of former President Donald Trump after his defeat in the elections.

The current historical responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the United States and the major countries requires a high degree of moral management of political values ​​that should be fully adhered to in directing international relations and caring for interests, so that the rule should be “principles first”, otherwise the world will not be able to avoid the next explosion.

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