Afghanistan.. New talks Saturday between the Taliban and American and European delegations in Doha

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a high-level delegation headed by Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki will visit Doha between 27 and 29 of this month, to start a new phase of negotiations with representatives of the United States and the European Union.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Twitter that the talks would discuss the files of releasing bank assets, humanitarian aid, education, public health, reopening embassies and their security in Kabul.

The ministry indicated that the delegation will include officials from the ministries of education, health and finance, as well as from security departments and the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

In turn, the official account in Arabic of the Taliban movement on Twitter confirmed that the talks at this stage will deal with opening a new chapter in the political relations between the two countries, resolving economic issues, and implementing the provisions of the Doha Agreement.

For his part, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said today, Wednesday, that “the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Tom West will visit Doha next week to hold two-day meetings with Taliban leaders.”

“They will discuss … our vital national interests in relation to Afghanistan,” Price said.

“This includes the fight against terrorism, it includes the safe passage of American citizens and Afghans to whom we have a special obligation, it includes humanitarian aid and the economic situation of the country,” he said.

Earlier this month, West attended a meeting of the so-called expanded troika that includes Pakistan, China, Russia and the United States to discuss the issue of Afghanistan, and the group also met with prominent representatives of the Taliban.

West was also part of the US delegation to meetings with Taliban officials in Doha in October, the first talks of their kind between Washington and the movement after the chaotic end on August 31 of the two-decade US war in Afghanistan.

The abrupt halt of most foreign development aid after the Taliban seized power on August 15 led to the collapse of the country’s economy, the country suffers from a hard currency crisis and Taliban leaders are subject to Western sanctions.

Last week, Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaki called for the release of Afghan assets frozen by the United States, in an open letter to the US Congress.

As winter approaches, millions of Afghans are facing increasing hunger amid a drought and a sharp rise in food prices.

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