Black Friday Tips: 10 Ways to Get the Best Specials

In a few weeks it will be that time again and online retailers will be rolling over themselves with special offers. Black Friday is the magic word that makes the euro symbols flash in the eyes of retailers – both online and offline. More and more customers in Germany are specifically looking for bargains on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The German Retail Association (HDE) is expecting sales of over 3.7 billion euros for these campaigns this year. Black Friday is always set to the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA and has achieved sales records in the USA for many years. Even the corona pandemic could not do anything to the bargain festival last year. But a lot is a little different with regard to online trading this year than usual.

Tip: Here is our overview of the best Black Friday offers for 2021.

What’s different on Black Friday 2021?

On the one hand, there is the scarcity of chips and electronic components, which not only poses serious problems for the automotive industry, but also for consumer electronics. The reason for this is not only the still high demand for such components, but also the logistical problems worldwide resulting from the pandemic. The replenishment of wood and paper or cardboard is also problematic in this context. It remains to be seen whether retailers will run out of packaging materials, as feared. What is clear, however, is that larger paper orders out of sequence are now difficult to implement – a problem that publishers are also complaining about more and more frequently.

These 10 tips can help you find special offers

As a customer, what can you do to prepare for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Cyber ​​Week? This year, too, the motto is: watch prices over the long term, compare offers and don’t let yourself be disturbed. Our 10 Black-Friday-Tipps:

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Find out in advance which products and product variants are suitable for you and what are the appropriate prices for them. Because researching on the day itself can be too late in view of the shortage of offers. When reading suitable tests, you should also check whether there are different versions, e.g. different processor configurations for smartphones on one and the same device as well as variants with and without 5G. That makes price comparisons difficult. On the other hand, you should be flexible with your choice of color, because you can save money with the same technical equipment.

2. Program price alerts

While many bargain hunters squint especially on the last weekend in November around Black Friday, it can be worthwhile to be vigilant in advance and to program appropriate price alerts. Because the price search engine Idealo has found that last year almost 80 percent of the product categories particularly popular on Black Friday were on average cheaper on a different day in November than on the bargain day itself. November: On this occasion, Chinese retailers in particular are reducing their prices by the dozen, but local e-commerce players are also increasingly pulling along.

Keep an eye on November 3rd offers

Even if Black Friday falls on November 26th this year, Amazon and other large online retailers will start the Black Friday countdown weeks in advance. So you can actually count on good offers throughout November. The idea behind it is as sensible as it is simple: everyone can only spend their money once – and if you, as a retailer, address the customer early on, the chance increases that he will leave the budget with you instead of buying from a competitor.

4. Check product origin

Many retailers now know how to use the advantages of globalization for themselves. Often cheaper foreign variants of a device are imported. Such tricks can be found especially at smaller dealers. While in some cases they do not differ at all from the German model or, at best, the default settings are different, in other cases it is quite problematic, for example if antenna systems, frequency ranges or the firmware are geared to different circumstances. Problems can then also arise with the perception of the guarantee (but not the warranty).

5. Check specifications

Many technical products have slightly changed names or model numbers, such as televisions. Such devices usually only differ in their software equipment. Respectively, individual functions are deactivated especially for retail chains or the menu arrangement is different. Retail chains can provide such special versions in order to undo price guarantees if necessary or to avoid having to compete with other competitors.

6. Do not allow yourself to be pressurized

By no means every offer is attractive. Even better deals can often be found on one of the bargain days. As a customer, you shouldn’t feel pressured; instead, despite the hype, you should compare whether the offered price is good. In addition to the already mentioned price comparisons from Idealo to Geizhals, bargain portals such as Mydealz, where the respective offers are discussed in detail, can also help. The search engine Camelcamelcamel is aimed specifically at Amazon customers and specifically breaks down price trends for certain goods.

7. Reserve offers

Do you want to reserve a good price for a few days? In most cases, this works if the retailer offers prepayment. Then you can buy the offer and, if necessary, cancel it again if you still find a better offer – and that without the retailer having to send the goods. On the other hand, it is unfair to have goods sent “on stockpile” and at the same time to rely on the sometimes long return option. This causes unnecessary costs for the retailer (and is bad for your own bargain hunter karma). And in the worst case, you have to wait for your money after the return. Because when paying on account, the deadline also runs when you send the goods back.

8. Complete a trial membership

Many offers are reserved for Prime or Club members of the respective retail chains. In most cases, however, you can take out a trial membership, often even if you have already “tried” it (provided that the last period was far enough in the past).

9. Review alternative sales channels

An offer is sold out at the retailer? That can be done quickly. In many cases, however, there are also alternative distribution channels, such as Ebay. For example, many large retail chains also have their special offers available on Ebay at the same time in order to appeal to other groups of customers. By the way, you don’t fare worse there in terms of service – you even have additional evaluation options vis-à-vis the dealer.

10. Receive additional discounts

Need an additional discount? This is often done in the form of kickback and cashback programs from the affiliate area, for example via Shoop or when collecting payback and other points. These can either be exchanged for material prizes or, in the best case, simply paid out as a cash bonus. You should therefore check in advance which retailers support corresponding affiliate programs. Sometimes there is also a new customer voucher that you receive in advance when you register. Incidentally, this is not only possible if you have not yet been a new customer there, but in some cases also if you have not ordered anything there for a long time.

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